Are you suffering from PVF?

That would be “Post-Vacation Fatigue.”  It’s a rare and often mocked condition that afflicts those who have had more fun than they can handle.   I am currently recovering from PVF.   It would be great if there was some magic, as-seen-on-tv remedy for this, but as of yet I haven’t found one.  Lot’s of sleep and lots of coffee have been my RX.  It’s working, but way too slowly.

Just to sum up for those of you who don’t follow me on twitter or fb: in 10 days we drove through and/or stayed in 5 states, traveled over 1,900 miles, and spent over 33 hours in the van.  Did I mention I was the ONLY driver?  There were torrential downpours, thunderstorms, and lots and lots of sun. Much fun was had, and I have many stories to tell.

First I have to dig my way out from under this mountain of laundry.