The Awesome

Today has been simply awesome.  And since sarcasm doesn’t translate very well into written word, I’ll just tell it to you plain…today was not AT ALL awesome.  Today was long and hard and I’m tired.  So much for keeping the Sunny Side positive, eh?  I’ll get to the positives by the end of this post, I promise.  But for now, let me walk you through my day.

My stomach was feeling a little off today and by the time recess rolled around I was literally laying on the floor in the play area praying a wild group of preschoolers would just run me over and put me out of my misery.  Alas, all that happened was much running and therefore time-outs because the running leads to bumping into others which leads to bloody noses and bumped heads.  You get the picture.  When the K teacher came for recess she informed me that one of her students was losing his breakfast all over her classroom this morning and another had a fever.  Great.  I’m hoping whatever germ has afflicted me is NOT the same stomach bug germ that’s going around.  The one clue that all is not right with me is that I only had one cup of coffee this morning.  My thermos and travel mug went completely untouched at work.  What a waste of precious caffeine!  I thought it best to not push things and stuck with tea and water.

After work all I wanted to do was go lay down, but I had an eye doctor appointment.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I’ve been having some eye weirdness going on and felt it prudent to get it checked out.  Long story short: I have to see the next level of eye doctor (an opthamologist) and ended up with crazy dilated eyes for hours.  Four and a half hours later and I’m still seeing things fuzzy.  Also, if I get an “extremely bad headache” I’m to go to the ER because that would be considered and emergency.  Ok then.  Not sure what’s up with my eye, but I’m not worried.  I’ll keep you posted though.  Here comes the positive spin…get ready for it…

What can you possibly do when your eyes are dilated and it happens to be a sunny day in NWI?  Well, continue with your errands of course!  I went to the teacher supply store where a nice young man had to read the labels on packages for me, and to Ulta where I trust the blurry, young lady grabbed the correct shade of eyeshadow for me since you know, I couldn’t SEE.  And here’s the best part: I still had to pick the kids up from school (navigating the school pick up line is tough with 20/20 eyesight on a cloudy day!)  and get us all to the dentist for our annual cleanings.  Oh yeah…the fun never stops.  As I was sitting in the dentist’ chair thinking (still with my sunglasses on) about what a crappy day it was and, “Dear Lord, please don’t let my gag reflex kick in…my stomach it’s still not feeling so hot.”  I realized that this was actually not a bad place to be!  I sat there letting my eyes rest for 35 minutes.  I didn’t have to think, just open, close, and swish when told.  See, the positive.  Between the four of us, there are 6 cavities. Not sure how to put a positive spin on that.

Here’s some more positives for you.  I made it.  The kids ate (thanks Chik fil a) and we got home safely.  I am typing this from the comfort of my bed and in my fleece pjs.  God is good!  I did not toss my cookies at the dentist or anywhere else, and while I feel like someone has sucked all the energy out of my body, my fingers and brain are still working just fine.  I’m looking forward to a trip to the kitchen for some tea and toast as soon as I get some energy back.

As a side note, my dad called last night and is in the hospital with chest pain.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated.  I’m going to keep fighting to see the positive in things, even if it takes me typing a million words to do it!

To go out on an even better note, I remember this clip from Brian Regan. Hilarious!



Summer of Travel

Last summer was the ‘summer of surgery’ (and then recovery), this summer is the ‘summer of travel’. I’ve tried to make the most of my time off.  I am beyond tired right now. I want to regale you with stories of Ichthus Festival and the farm in Missouri, but frankly I don’t have it in me.  Tomorrow maybe.  I’ve used the term stupid tired before, and I am there yet again.  So tired I can’t think, move, or function well at all.

I’m fairly certain a number of things are causing me to feel this way.  The trip to Missouri and getting home at 9pm, then the unloading of the van, starting of the laundry, and helping Phil drop carry the old stove down the stairs and to the curb for the garbage man is just the beginning.  I drove over an hour up to Michigan to pick up our new stove today.  I had to stop at the Lighthouse mall in Michigan City on my way home (for necessary items only-like replenishing my make up and a birthday gift), and then stopped to pick up pizzas for dinner (because I am NOT helping him carry the new stove in tonight.)  Seriously, I’m begging people on facebook to come and help Phil, cause I just don’t have it in me.  No strength.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure I know why I feel like that. I ran out of my anti-depressant meds a few days ago, and since I’m in the midst of switching to a new doctor who can’t see me till the 12th, there’s not much to be done for it.  Then, I decided to start cutting major calories and caffeine out of my diet today.  Now, I’m not saying I’m a genius, but apparently I’m really stupid. Who does that to themselves? And on a day when you’re going to be driving a lot!  Combine all those things, and you will see why I am a puddle of mush, barely holding it together.

I’ve been fighting a coffee withdraw headache all day.  Even my large, unsweetened iced tea from McD’s couldn’t touch it.  4 advil and half a pizza later, I feel like a failure.  Did I mention I got a speeding ticket, my first ever, on the way home from Missouri?

My life does not suck…just the way I feel in this moment.