I hit submit and all my hopes flew away with my document into the invisible world of the internet to my invisible college, and essentially invisible professor.  I just submitted the first draft of my first writing project in my first English Comp college class. Ever.  I am exhausted.  When I say that this essay (yes, just an essay) has consumed the last three days of my life, I am not kidding.  I was near a full-on panic attack Thursday night thinking about paraphrasing, quoting, and accidentally plagiarizing.  My type A personality, with a dash of perfectionism, OCD, and sensory issues thrown in for good measure, had me freaking out over how to write this paper.  I had two other college students tell me I shouldn’t be sweating this assignment.  That it wasn’t a big deal.  It’s ALL a big deal to me, people!  ALL OF IT!  (they just looked at me with pity and let me be)  But it’s over.  I did it.  Now for the grading and next week’s assignments.  Whaaaaaaa!  That’s me wailing and wondering what in the world have I done?!?  I wanted this?!?  PAID for this?!?

Phew!  Sorry about that.  I feel better now.  Some “stress away” from Young Living (see how I gave them due credit there…uh huh…I’m learning stuff) is making me feel better.   I do find it hilarious that the first thing I do after spending my entire day reading and writing words is come here to do the same.   But it’s different.  Very different.  This is my space where I can write whatever I want to and not have to follow anyone’s prescribed form or style.

And what I want to do is tell you about my lunch.  Really the rhetorical context for this piece is my fellow Trim Healthy Mamas (shout out to all you ladies that stopped by) (and forgive me for flaunting my knowledge of the genre of academic writing…I’m probably doing it all wrong anyway;)  Haha! I’m done.

So Mamas, here’s my lunch backstory.  I’ve been eating too many heavy S meals (see cheese, cheese, and more cheese.) (Also some stress eating SkinnyPop…which does not count as an E meal!)    I knew I needed to throw some real E meals in today, but they are not my favorite.  I’m gluten intolerant and that makes E’s difficult for me to maneuver without really planning them out.  Which if you’ve stuck with me so far in this post, you’ve probably surmised that planning food hasn’t happened.  I did go to Costco yesterday!  And now finally to my lunch…

These are the four ingredients that rocked my E world today.  I used a 9×13 food storage container and filled it with the greens.  I opened the quinoa portion of the meal and dumped it on the greens. I spiced it up with salt, pepper, and cayenne and stirred that mess around. Then I cut the white meat breast off the rotisserie chicken, chopped it up, and threw it in there too.  In a little bowl I spooned maybe 2-3 TBSP of the Greek yogurt (I usually don’t measure anything unless I’m baking) then opened the other part of the quinoa meal: the artichokes and peppers mixture.  I poured only HALF in with the yogurt and mixed it all up.  Voila!  Creamy salad dressing that stays in E territory.  I took a few bites to gauge the flavor, and it was missing something.  I’m still not sure what would have made it perfect (I’m thinking cheese, but that’s what got me into this rut!) so I sprinkled some nutritional yeast on top and got to chowing down.  And there you have it folks, my really easy E lunch!  I know I could’ve zazzed it up with more non-starchy veggies…oh wait! I did.  I also added a cut-up Roma tomato when I was trying to figure out the missing ingredient.    I seriously just remembered what I typed “non-starchy veggies”.  Pray for my brain.

I guess this meal won’t work for you non-Costco members or you puristy-I-only-cook-my-own-chicken-and-quinoa-and-make-my-own-yogurt-and-grow-my-own-greens-types.  I mean, it’ll work for you, but it’ll take a whole growing season and a few days 😉

Love to all the THM-ers!

(PS- I am not even going to proofread this!!!)



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