On the Sunny, Sunny Side of the Beach

Clearly I have issues when it comes to sticking with things.  Like this blog for instance.  This is actually my second blog.  I let the other one lapse for so long, that when I went back to look at it I was so thoroughly embarrassed by my immaturity and ridiculousness I just deleted the whole thing and started fresh here.  I’m not exactly the sentimental type.  And here we are again.  It’s been over a year since I’ve even looked at this space. I was very tempted to just shut this one down and start over.  Again.  That seems to be my default.  Try something new; stick with it a little while; forget about it (because it’s too hard, life is too busy, I don’t feel like it, and on and on…), then dump it and start over.  The only things sacred to me are my relationships with God and my husband.  Those I don’t mess with.

Instead of starting from scratch I changed the name.  Do you like my play on words?  Sunny Side of the BEACH?!?  The beach is my happy place.  So cliche, but truth in this case.  I am at my happiest, calmest, most relaxed, and least crazy self when the sun is shining, my toes are in the sand, and the waves are within reach.  Sadly, I live in Indiana.  We do have Lake Michigan nearby, but hello…it’s not salty!  I did have a good time there with friends last week, but it’s still a lake…a murky one at that.  So, that’s the reason behind the name.  It’s weird. It’s me.  Whatever.

I refuse to look back at previous posts lest I change my mind about deleting them, but I did notice the last thing I wrote was about Trim Healthy Mama.  Guess what?!?  I stuck with something.  For a WHOLE year!  The Trim Healthy Mama community has become a sub-culture of sorts with all kinds of acronyms and it’s own special language.  Most people are lost when they first join the “club”.  I won’t bore you with all the info (though I’ve become quite the expert at sharing the plan with people.)  (I even have visual aids and graphs 🙂 )  Back to me sticking with it.  Yesterday I celebrated what we Mama’s like to call our “Trimaversary”, the anniversary of the day you started following the plan.

For some it’s a big deal because of the weight and inches they lost and the health they gained.  That happened for me for sure, but the real reason I made such a big deal about my Trimaversary was because I stuck with it.  I actually set a goal to get healthier last year by eating whole foods in a specific way, and I did it. I did it!  And I didn’t die.   Admittedly I did not reach my goal weight, but that’s not important to me anymore.  Numbers do not define me, and I am healthier…so there!

Today is day one of my next year.  I have a lot of big things going down in this next year, but my personal goal in all of this is to get stronger.  If it takes me an entire year to be able to do 10 real push-ups then so be it, but I will gain strength this year.  Physically in my body, and as I have come to learn this past year, when you work on something and allow God to work on you through it, everything else changes too!

Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take me another year to write more here.


July 2015/July 2016




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