Tiny Talk Tuesday: Snow Storm Edition

I’m finally getting the opportunity to post a legit Tiny Talk Tuesday!  You have a snow storm and nasty cold to thank for that.  I wish I could say I felt better, but I feel worse.  And despite the chiropractor swearing to me that I’ll feel better for it, round two at his office just has me moving an icepack from one part of my back to the other.  Good times.

I’ve been jotting down the funny things my students say on scraps of paper and sticky notes for about three years now.  All of these are in one folder, in a giant jumbled up mess.  Hopefully I don’t repeat any from before.

G- “I’m allergic to clowns.”  “I’m allergic to cries.” “I’m allergic to colored drinks.” (for the record, this kid is not allergic to anything…just stuff he doesn’t like.)

S- “I’m boring in your class.” (translation- I’m bored)

Overheard this conversation in the kitchen center one day:  T- “I live in China and I speak Spanish.”  J- “China is next to my neighbors house.”

We were reviewing who Dr. Seuss was the week of his birthday, and my new student had this to say (with very expressive hand I might add), “Dr. Seuss thoughts of things and wrote lots for childrens. Then he got old and died and they buried him in the incentitary.”  I asked him what the incentitary is and he told me, “It’s where they bury people.”  Got it…cemetary.

L- “I’m going to read ALL of the Dr. Goose books!” (Seuss)

D- “Crocodiles are only real in another state!”

W- “George Washington is a leprechaun and tricky…like Obama in a costume.”  There’s a back story that you need to hear with this one.  A month or so ago, we received a package at the school from A Beka. Since we use their curriculum it was nothing unusual except that when we opened it, we found a framed print of George Washington.  No note, no invoice, nothing.  After letting George sit in the office for another month our director got the bright idea to hang it in the Kindergarten teacher’s room while we were at recess.  It was a funny surprise for her and the kids.  The prank has morphed from that into George being “decked out” in various ways and left in an ususpecting staff member’s office or teacher’s classroom.  This was what George looked like when he made it to my room!  Although the comment about Obama makes no sense at all.

W- “I can eat Polish at home.” Me- “What Polish foods do you eat?” W- “Ketchup and mustard.”

J- “When I grow up I can be two things: a doctor and a cheerleader.  But I think I have to be like, 30, to be a cheerleader.”

S- “I’m not talking to the flag today because my voice will run away.” (one of the many excuses I hear not to have to say the pledge.)

B- “It’s a bulldozer.”  Me- “I thought that’s a dump truck.”  B- “It is a dump truck.  I just call it a bulldozer in French.”

I was explaining that mule is another word for donkey, since mule was one of the two-vowel words in their reading books.  S said, “Mule is how you say horse in Spanish.” 

Hope you got a laugh or at least a smile out of those.  It’s time for dinner and since we’re snowed in, and I feel like garbage…it’s cereal night!  Happy Tuesday 🙂


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