I’m always hesitant to write when I’ve had a rough week.  I fear my inner Eeyore will take over and drag you all down with me.  It’s not that this week was horrible, just very, very trying.  In all sorts of ways.  Bottom line is it’s Friday again, I made it through another week, and I am tired.  I just want to sleep.  For a long, long time.  If I could…which I doubt (there is in fact a little, black rain cloud about my head right now.)  (And if you’re not a Winnie-the-Pooh fan, all of that just went right over your head…with that little, black cloud.)

So…in an effort to get something (anything) written, I’m going to go all random on you.  Let’s hope I can keep my thoughts cohesive enough to get through…let’s say…5 random thoughts.

1. Biggest Loser-   I’ve really enjoyed being part of the biggest loser challenge with my friend, and have gotten to meet some great people in the process.  As far as the whole weight loss thing, it’s happening, but at the rate an iceberg melts in Antarctica.  I’ve been journaling every bite and calorie using myfitnesspal.com.  It’s a great app, but really depressing when you “eat your emotions” (Albanese double, dipped chocolate covered peanuts) and still stick to documenting every bite you eat.  Especially when you complete your entries for the day and submit it.  It always tells you, “If every day were like today, you’d weigh _________ in 3 weeks.”  Encouraging on a day when you stay on track.  Not so much when you don’t.  Today I’m in a special kind of quandary.  I haven’t logged anything since Wednesday night.  Which means I have to remember what I ate all day yesterday and today.  I might just call yesterday a wash as it was the hardest day this week.

2. Exercise  We bought an elliptical.  It was exciting the first week we had it.  I used it 3 times before my bursitis started acting up.    I’m not so excited about it any more.  It just taunts me as I do laundry.   The thing is a good workout, I’ll give you that!  I will get back into a routine.  I went to Zumba for the first time last Saturday, and we also had a competition for biggest loser.  There was lots of running, squats, lunges, and other forms of self-imposed torture masqueraded as “fun.”  No, it really was a lot of fun.  However, the reality of it is after not having worked out in months, I did two hours of exercise on Saturday morning.  I could move without pain by Wednesday.  So, what will I do now? Get up tomorrow morning and go to Zumba again.  No competition this week though, so I might be able to manage the elliptical next week.  I did end up having to get a cortisone shot in my hip.  It definitely helped!

3. Downton Abbey- Love that show.  Our dvr was not recording it correctly, and I missed the last half hour, of the second to last episode of this season.  There’s no where I’ve been able to find to watch it online, and I feel a great sense of loss that I missed those 30 minutes.  I know I missed some very important things since the last episode of the season starts off with Downton a whole year later!  What?!?  I miss 30 minutes and it equals a whole year?!?  What the heck??  Then they had the nerve to end the whole season the way they did.  I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who’s still catching up, but…what?!?!?! Why?!?!?!  And if you’ve not yet watched Downton Abbey at all, then you can’t possibly understand why I care about a stupid show so much.  I would say to you…man, are you missing out!

4. New Students-  I’m not sure what phenomenon occurs that makes parents want to enroll their children into a class that has already been going on since August, but it’s happened again.   If you’re moving, I get that, but just to all of a sudden decide, I want my kid in that school?  I don’t get it.  Anyway, both the Kindergarten class and my class got new students in the past week.  Both are boys.  The new guy in my Pre-K is really sweet, and is doing a great job fitting in.  I daily have to remind myself, “There are 16 now, not 15.  16, not 15.”  When I make copies, when I count out projects, or snack cups…it’s mentally taxing.

Ok, so I only made it to 4. I actually fell asleep. No lie.  My phone alert just woke me up to let me know Alisha needs to be at the school in half an hour for a planetarium show.   Then…I’m going back to sleep!