The Amazing Spider-Man…

…actually has nothing whatsoever to do with this entry.  I just can’t think of a title.  So, anyway…

I see a sad trend that the only time I find to write here is when I’m sick or injured.  This time it’s sick.  A head/chest cold has done it’s best to take me out this week.  I hung in until the end with much NyQuil/DayQuil and MucinexD.  Oh and naps.  Lots of naps.   Now that the weekend is here, I’m lying low.  I cancelled every responsibility and am staying in bed till I’m better!  Or Monday morning.  Sadly, this is no way to keep up a blog though.

Sometimes I think quitting the whole thing is best, but I don’t want to.  The “Sunny Side” had too many good memories attached to it.  Literally.  Before I was on wordpress, I had the Sunny Side on squarespace.  It was a paid site though and I am too cheap frugal to keep that up forever.  The time came when I wanted to move to a new blogsite and I vaguely remember trying blogspot, and hating it.  The biggest problem was that I didn’t have (still don’t) the know-how to transfer everything from the squarespace site to this one.  So, seeing as how I really don’t hold too tightly to things, I closed out that account and started all over again here.  At times I really wish I had found someone who could have helped me figure out how to move everything, but what is…is.  I’m not going to do that again though.

I have a whole list of reasons…many of them actually…for why I don’t find or take the time to write like I used to.  But as I was really contemplating it the other day, I realized that regularly seeing a therapist has taken away my need for using this blog as an outlet.  That’s a good thing really, because there is  A LOT I can’t say here that for my own mental health needs to be said out loud to someone.  I do miss it though.  I don’t write because I think I’m any kind of writer either.  I’d much rather read what someone else has written.  In the past few months I feel like I’ve become a much more private person.  I’ve never been like that!  I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve taken one too many hits lately, relationally speaking, or if I’m just changing because I’m getting older.  You know, I’ll be 39 next month.  And as my students have told me, “Wow!  That’s really old!”

I will give you a quick update on life here on planet Mongold. Work has been good.  This year’s class is quite a challenge from other years in that I’m teaching like I’ve always taught and a lot of them are just not getting it.  I have a LOT of young ones this year, and it’s the princess class to boot.  I have 11 girls and 4 boys!  I’m still loving my job though.  Phil has been working a lot of overtime.  We don’t see him as much as we’d like, and when he is off, he’s searching Craigslist for a car for Marissa.  Now that she’s driving, she has taken on a lot of the running around of her sisters, and herself, off my shoulders!  It’s awesome, but sometimes we need to be in places at the same time.  Thus, the need for a car.  She’s taking her SATs today.  Alisha is at the Indiana Orchestra Regionals and Bekah is at the Choir Regionals.  I’m not sure where.  All I know is they had to be at their schools at 5:30 in the am!  Thankfully Phil was able to get them there and Marissa took the van.  I’m not going anywhere anyway.

My only goals for this weekend are to get the Christmas program completely solidified (in my mind) and start planning costumes and sets.  Oh, and get the laundry done.  High hopes, no?  Phil’s goal is a decent, under-$5,000 used car.  Marissa’s is a high SAT score resulting in scholarships to the VERY expensive college she’s looking at.  Alisha and Rebekah are aiming for gold at regionals.

I could regale you with tales of my exploits this past month.  Like a trip home to PA and getting  2 extra days of vacation thanks to hurricane Sandy.  But, I’m getting tired and maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to fall asleep.

What have you been up to this past month?  Any great holiday plans coming up?


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