Forced R&R

So I managed only two posts in September? Yeah, that seems about right.  I feel like I’ve been going full steam since school started in August, and I guess in reality I have.  Writing here has sadly been pushed way down on the priority list.  Staying sane is somewhere near the top.  I feel like I’m on my feet all day long.  My day starts at 5am and if I’m really lucky I can stay awake past 9!  Gone are the days of my youth when I could play cards until 2am.  Long gone.

Last night as I was cleaning up the kitchen from dinner (and by dinner I mean I stuck some tater tots and chicken strips in the oven) I noticed that one of my ankles was looking oddly larger than the other one.  My right ankle was indeed swollen which was very odd since I have no recollection of doing anything to it that would cause swelling.  It’s been a bit sore if I put pressure on it, like sitting criss cross applesauce on the floor, which in my line of work is necessary.  But I thought I just bruised it or something.  I guess it’s “or something” as here I am 24 hours later sitting in bed with my foot propped up on 3 pillows.  When I woke up this morning the swelling was down.  3 hours later when school was about to begin it was looking a little puffy.  By noon when the kids were dismissed, it looked just plain weird.  All the swelling is on that bony part of your ankle that sticks out on the side.  So it just looks like I have some strange growth on my ankle.  No bruising, no redness.  Just swelling.

I don’t have time to mess with doctors and x-rays and such.  That will be a last resort.  I’ll give it the weekend.  For now I’ll try to enjoy sitting.  It feels really strange though.  After going and going like the energizer bunny for weeks and weeks, I’m pretty sure this is going to be rough.  It feels wrong.  There’s still tons of stuff that needs to get done, but I know it will still be there when my ankle is better.

But looking at the bright side, I may actually get to write every day!  I have lots of school stories to share.   The folder where I keep all my notes on the funny things the kids say and do is quite full.  This year’s class is a trip.  I’m having a ton of fun with them!  Today was the day we learned letter Tt, so for snack we had tea and toast.  I even used my Grandmother’s good china tea cups.  Phil thought I was nuts for taking the chance, but I explained to the kids why they needed to be extra careful with them and they did SO well.  I wish I could share the pics with you!  Although my one little challenge was quite himself telling me that he was “allergic” to toast and tea.  Anytime he doesn’t like something we’re having he tells me he’s allergic to it.  I’ve checked his file…he has NO allergies.  This is the same boy who the day before was not following the directions during a lesson on using scissors the right way.  I had to stop the lesson to correct him, then continued on.  A few minutes later he interrupts and calls out, “Mrs. Mongold, I’m sorry I didn’t follow your directions.  Will you please forgive me.” (we’ve been working hard on giving FULL apologies in class) I told him I forgave him and continued the lesson again.  He then interrupts with, “Aren’t you going to ask me to forgive you for yelling at me?”  For the record…I did not yell at him!  When he said that I actually laughed.  Couldn’t help it.

I told you.  My days are VERY full and interesting.