Back At It

For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have more to say than can fit in a tweet or a status update.  Let me tell you, that’s a good feeling!  For the past couple months I’ve been on hiatus not just from blogging, but from life.  Not by choice, by necessity.  Thanks to some new meds, the help of a therapist, and God’s grace, I am finally feeling like myself again.

I’ve been really worried about the coming school year though, wondering what in the world I would do if I wasn’t back to “normal” before it was time to prep my room.  When picking a theme and getting my room ready, a great deal of it rides on my excitement and enthusiasm which has been in short supply these last months.  I can’t even tell you the relief I felt Thursday when I woke up and literally felt as if someone had flipped my switch back on!  I woke up excited about the day, had a bunch of ideas for school, and basically was happy just to be alive.  The fact that I even felt happy was miraculous to me!  The feeling has stayed with me through Friday, and even this morning.  I know I can only ride this wave for so long, and trials will come my way, but the feeling of hope is one that I pray will stick around the longest.  Happy is circumstantial. Hope is eternal (when it’s anchor is Jesus!)

I’ve also decided on a theme and have been running full steam ahead with plans.   Years back I did a monkey theme and while I’m using that stuff, I decided to add the jungle in there as well to broaden the ideas.  I’ve been sketching out my bulletin board plans and scouring the internet and especially Pinterest for neat ideas.  I have lists everywhere!  I’m super excited to get in my room and start moving furniture around as our school library room is needed, and the K teacher and myself are absorbing the bookshelves and books into our classrooms.  I’ve also been reading some books this summer by my favorite presenter at the teacher’s conference, Donna Whyte.  Her book You Can’t Teach A Class You Can’t Manage is giving me the confidence I need to face a new year with a bunch of new kids.

The best news is that before school starts we’ll be able to fit in a mini-vacation away!  We’re taking the girls to Key Lime Cove (and indoor water park resort), Six Flags Great America, and Gurnee Mills Mall (yeah, shopping!)  It’s only 3 days, but it’s exactly what we need, and it’s only about an hour and a half away.  The bonus is that Marissa will be able to drive and rack up some more driving hours.  Teaching your teen to drive…that’s another whole blog post!

I’m interested to hear what you all have been up to this summer!


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