Happy Medium

I’d tell you I have writer’s block, but that wouldn’t be the whole truth.  It’s a bit of that, but mostly it’s just that nothing worth writing about has been going on.  It’s been hot.  Thanks to our super-duper new furnace and ac unit, we can sit in our house and do nothing in comfort.  The kids have been swimming in the pool some, but honestly, they just watch a lot of Netflix.  Marissa is taking driver’s ed this week and next week.  To add insult to injury, this is Phil’s vacation week.  The week we would have normally been in Kentucky for Ichthus festival.  This year we opted not to go due to finances, and the fact that when it was time to purchase tickets the thought of tent camping in 100 degree heat for days with no showers and only porta-potties was something I just couldn’t do.  Now I’m sad.  I wish we had gone.  It would have been hard, but fun.

So we sit hear and do nothing.  I can’t say I’ve done absolutely nothing.  I’ve read 13 novels since school ended, and I’m pretty sure I’ll finish another one today.  In the grand scheme of things, this accounts for nothing.  I’ve been doing pretty good with my goal to run 3 miles every other day. Up until Sunday night when we took Phil out for Father’s Day to one of his favorite restaurants, Ponderosa…which we call Pondergrosa.   Having gone gluten free makes eating out tough, but I thought the thing I chose to eat were fairly safe.  Not so.  I spent Monday and Tuesday with a horrible IBS flare up and vicodin.  Those days are a hazy memory.  At least I had my books.   Today I woke feeling pretty much back to normal, which means I need to make myself run today.  But it’s hot.  Like really hot.

To sum up this rather rambling post…I feel aimless.  We have no plans this summer other than the kids scheduled activities.  I feel like we’re just wasting this time.  It’s not a nice feeling.  On the flip side of things, during the school year things are so regimented and scheduled there’s no room for being aimless.  I just can’t seem to find a happy medium.


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