HVAC Guilt

The air conditioning guy just left.  The news was pretty much what we thought it would be.  Our air condioning unit and furnace need to be replaced.  The funny thing is the guy we ended up calling was the guy who put the original a/c unit in this house before it was even our home .  We got his name from one of the pastors at church, and it turns out he’s a deacon at our church.  He was really nice, and I’m actually super excited about getting a new furnace.  Weird I know, but the one that’s in there now is a beast!  It was put in this house the year I was born (and I’m getting up there!)

We’ve lived in this house for over 13 years and have never had to replace any of the major things.  I think that’s pretty good.  For the furnace to last that long is amazing!  Tomorrow they’re coming to remove the old stuff, then Wednesday they’ll put the new unit and furnace in.  Right now there’s a beautiful breeze coming in the windows and it’s not horribly hot…yet.  As long as I do all my housework in the morning, it’s not so bad.  By the evening when the house is in the upper 80’s, I do nothing but sit and read.  We are definitely wimps around here.

Every time I went to post an update on facebook or tweet something about our lack of air conditioning I stopped myself.  I realized I was feeling guilty thinking of all the people who don’t have air conditioning at all.  Or the people who don’t even have homes to live in.  It’s a slippery road I go down sometimes.  I end up depressed and feeling guilty because I am blessed to be where I’m at. How crazy is that?  We give and do what we can to help people in need, and we shouldn’t feel guilty for what we have.  But sometimes I do.  It’s something the devil likes to beat me over the head with from time to time.  I think the root of it is that I know I don’t deserve the good and comfortable things of life anymore than someone else does or doesn’t.  Truth be told none of deserve anything.  All we have is a gift.  It’s in knowing that I don’t deserve it, and being thankful that God has blessed me with those things anyway that I find freedom from the guilt.

I needed to write these words to remind myself of that truth today.


2 thoughts on “HVAC Guilt

  1. Ack! You were happy that your furnace lasted over 13 years. I moved in here 18 years ago and mine wasn’t new then! Uh oh…..

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