Catching Up

It’s been awhile, eh?  The last month of the school year is always crazy-busy for me, and this year was no exception.  With the end of the year program, wrapping up things in the classroom, and field day, the last days were really busy but good.  I wish I could say this was a great school year, but it was actually one of the hardest and longest I’ve ever had, and I was so glad to see it end.

Another reason I wasn’t writing was that one of the biggest changes in our family was one I really didn’t want floating around the internet.  My husband spent two months traveling to Pittsburgh every week and was only home on the weekends.  We all managed fine, but I’m glad it’s over and he’s back to his regular job.  He enjoyed his time in Pittsburgh for all the restaurants.  Phil’s become a sort of restaurant snob now.  And we all know my cooking skills are pretty sad.

The girls and I are on summer break now and I’m hoping to make the most of it.  We want to go camping, do lots of swimming (if it ever warms up), and take some day trips to local places.  Bekah is in the chorus of The Music Man this summer, so she’ll be busy with that (and I’ll be busy driving her to and from rehearsals.) Marissa has a couple babysitting jobs lined up and she’ll be taking driver’s ed. also (I’ll be driving her to her babysitting jobs too.)  She NEEDS to get her license sooner rather than later.  For my sake.

I make you one promise…this blog will never turn “crunchy granola”, but another big life change has been that I’ve been gluten free for about a month now.  A lot of the digestive problems I had, have been resolved simply by eating gluten free.  I was able to stop one prescrition completely, and cut down on another.  It hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I thought it would.  There are so many gluten free products available, and they taste pretty good compared to the regular stuff.  The only downside is the cost.  That stuff is expensive!!  I’m giving another go only this time it’s for the gluten free menu.  It’s getting tough to make dinners that everyone will eat, that I can also eat.  I’m hoping with this meal plan it’s a little easier.  My mom and a number of friends are also eating gluten free so I have lots of help if I need it.  I still hate to cook which makes things hard.  I wish there was a fix for that.

What’s new with you my readers?  Do you have any great summer plans?




One thought on “Catching Up

  1. If you are like your Aunt Anne you will never get over your dislike for cooking. Enjoyed your blog. Have a great summer. Wish we were going to see you. Glad things are back to normal with Phil’s job. Love you.m

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