Always An Adventure

About a month ago I bought tickets to hear Francis Chan speak.  I had done a study on his book “Crazy Love” and really enjoyed it.  The big draw though is the band that will be opening, Rend Collective Experiment.  The tickets were only $12 and so Marissa, Rebekah, and I decided it would be a fun Friday night.  Phil and Alisha aren’t so much into the concerts.  Unfortunately it’s been a long, tiring week, and driving an hour and a half to Wheaton Bible College in Illinois was not on my top 5 things to do list.  I’m frugal if nothing else and the thought of throwing away the unused tickets (I tried with no success to give them away) was just not acceptable.  So, I took a nap for an hour, drank 2 cups of coffee, and ate a piece of chocolate cake. Pumped on sugar and caffeine we headed out.

I should have taken it as a sign when the Garmen couldn’t find the address for the church the event was being held.  We took the closest address it could find and pulled out of the driveway…only for me to realize the van had 1/4 tank of gas, not the 1/2 tank I thought it had.  We stopped for gas which was a pain since it was rush hour traffic time and the wind chill was about -30.  Back on the road following the Garmen I soon realized it was taking us the most ridiculous way possible.  To get to Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, there’s a few different ways to go, but I prefer the most direct 80/94 route.  I’m sure the Garmen was smoking crack to take us the way it did.  In full disclosure those were the words I shouted at the Garmen when I figured out where it was taking us.  My kids found great delight (I’m not sure why) in relating to their dad that was what I said.  We ended up getting to the general area we were going in a decent amount of time so I pulled over to call the church to find out exactly where it was.

The kind lady who answered the phone informed me where the church was, however the particular event for which we have tickets isn’t until NEXT week.  That’s right, folks, I was a week off.  We drove an hour and a half, paid way too many tolls, and navigated Chicago traffic…all for nothing?!?  Nope.  Not for nothing.  Lemonade from lemons I say.  We were about 20 minutes away from Schaumburg, the home of :)IKEA 🙂  and the Land’s End store.

Our evening turned out to be fun anyway, and I practiced great restraint when I didn’t buy the most lovely dress and shoes I’ve ever tried on at Land’s End.  I didn’t need them and have no events coming up for which I could wear them, but this is the dress (in chalk poppies).  I’m still kind of smarting because I didn’t buy them.  Stinkin’ Dave Ramsey and his financial peace!  I’m joking, I’d rather become debt free than look pretty.  Not really, but it sounds good.

So that was our Friday night adventure.  To sum up…I’m a dork who doesn’t double check dates on tickets and loves this dress.

Have you ever shown up somewhere on the wrong day?


2 thoughts on “Always An Adventure

  1. Dear Lisa Mongold,
    Sorry to hear about your ‘trip’ done that. I am Cliff Kearns and am looking for some tickets to see Francis Chan this Fri. I was just late in getting online, they are sold out:-(
    If you still have them I would love to figure out a way to use them for my wife, son and I. We live 20 Min from Wheaton. If your willing and are not planning on using them would you please try to get a hold of me tomorrow. E-mail listed below Cell Phone # 847-910-6469. We could come to terms and no waste and a great sermon attended. If this works out ,and if not,
    God gets the glory all the way.
    Thanks Lisa, I hope to hear from you.

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