Vacation All I Ever Wanted

I’m already mourning spring break being over.  Today we had errands to run and left the house early.  As in I had to set the alarm.  Not cool.  Breakfast out with my husband and some friends of ours was fun though.  Seeing as how I knew we would be out and about and I didn’t want to frighten anyone, I did my hair and makeup.  Good thing since we ended up meeting friends for breakfast!  It got me thinking about what vacation means to me.  I’m not sure what other people think about when they think of the word vacation, but there are 5 things that define it for me.  I thought I’d share them with you, since I’m you know, nice and informative like that.

  1. Vacation is not having to wear a watch.  This whole week I haven’t worn a watch because I don’t have to keep track of the time.  When I’m teaching I constantly have to know what time it is so I know we’re staying on task.  On break…heck no!  I check my phone every once in awhile, but I don’t have to worry about the time.  It’s a beautiful thing!
  2. Vacation is only doing my hair and makeup if I feel like it.  Today I felt like it. Basically because I couldn’t go one more day looking at myself in the mirror with my “naturally curly hair” and pale as death face.  I haven’t worn makeup in a few days and my hair got a much needed break from the hair dryer and flat iron.  Getting dressed in clothes is optional as well.  Mostly I would shower then put on different pajamas.  One can never have too many pajamas!
  3. Vacation is not having to set the alarm.  Getting up when your body tells you it’s time to get up is vacation to me.  I can’t stand the alarm clock.  Hate is a strong word, but I hate it.  It’s incessant beeping.  I’m a much happier person when left to wake up on my own.
  4. Vacation is having no set agenda.  Even when we go somewhere else for vacation, I hate having a set agenda or schedule.  That’s too much like work.  I like to be easy breezy with my days.  Go where we want, when we want.  I don’t like coming home from vacation feeling like I need a vacation!  This week has been great for this.  Besides a couple doctors appointments and 1 piano lesson, there was nothing we HAD to do or places we HAD to be.  That more than anything has been amazing to me!
  5. Vacation is about family.  I say that and you’re probably picturing game nights with the Mongolds sitting around laughing and conversing.  Nope. Not so much.  That’s not how we roll.  More than likely you will find us spread out with our various electronic devices (laptops, ipods, iphones, tvs), but all in the same house, often in the same room!  There has been little to no fighting amongst us this week and we’ve even has a few laughs.  The thing is we were all here.  Together.  In the same place for extended periods of time.  It’s done us a world of good.

While I love my job, these reasons are why I’m sad to see spring break end.  The good news is come Monday I’ll be counting down: only 5 weeks of school left!  They will be crazy-busy weeks wrapping up the school year and preparing for our graduation and awards program, but I have summer break to look forward to!

How do you like to spend your vacation time?


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