Musical Mondays

Spring break is not going as we planned.  My husband has been sick since last Wednesday, and many of the projects I had planned for this week he is needed for.  I can’t very well clean out his tools 😉 That wouldn’t go over well at all.  He’s sicker than I’ve ever seen him be in the almost 19 years we’ve been married, and should have gone to the ER over the weekend.  Being the stubborn strong man he is, he waited until he could get an appointment with a doctor today.  We shall see.  As for the long list of projects I wanted to get done this week?  No worries.  The clutter that needs cleaned out and the new blinds that need hung can wait.  I’m good with sitting around and relaxing all week.  The list will still be there six weeks from now when school is out for the summer. Six. Weeks.  🙂

This weekend I spent a lot of time listening to my favorite “Easter” songs.  Songs that speak of what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross and rising again.  Even though Easter is officially over, these are songs I listen to on a regular basis, because in my life at least, the message of Easter is a daily thing for me.  Not just a one-time-a-year thing I think about.  Awhile back someone on twitter asked what one word do I most love to hear in songs and sing about.  My answer was, grace.  Songs that speak of God’s grace are something I need in my life regularly.  I need the reminder!  So here are my top five favorite songs that have the good news in them.

1. The Wonderful Cross– Christ Tomlin

2. Christ is Risen- Matt Maher

3. You Bled– Rend Collective Experiment

4. Glorious Day– Casting Crowns

5. Redeemed– REILLY

What songs really speak to you??


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