Saturday Special

Bekah as Mrs. Medlock, the housekeeper, in The Secret Garden

Today is definitely feeling special.  My whole family has left me alone at home while they go see The Hunger Games!  I loved the books and eventually want to see the movie, but I desperately needed some down time.  Home alone in my pajamas, drinking too much coffee, and ignoring household chores sounds like a sweet vacation at this point.  The busyness of life was really sucking me down this week, and I can’t even adequately express how the thought of not having to leave my house today is making me giddy with delight.  We typically go to church Saturday night, but I’m even planning on foregoing that in order to get myself back to a good place mentally.

In other special news, last night was the opening night for The Secret Garden, the musical Bekah is in.  About a week ago she was given a speaking part rather than just being part of the chorus.  I’m so proud of her!  In a week she memorized her lines (complete with a British accent) and she did great last night!  As is typical for opening night of anything I would imagine, there were some sound issues, but other than that, all the kids did a great job.  I’m not familiar with the story of The Secret Garden, and operatic-type musicals are really not my thing (I’m a Singin’ In the Rain, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers kind of gal myself) it was fun to see Bekah do something that shows her talents and giftings and lets her shine.  Here’s a newspaper article about the show.  The boy who plays Dickon is pictured in the article.  What a talented young man!  I got to chat with his mom a few times during Les Mis and then again last night.  Good people!

This week I also won a $100 gift certificate to a jewelers in a radio station contest.  I vaguely remember entering via text a few months ago.  When I got a text saying I won, I thought it was a gimmick or a mistake.  When the radio show host called me 5 minutes after the text came, I thought he was calling to say it really was a mistake.  It wasn’t. I really won.  Wow, I am one skeptical, glass-half-empty kind of person aren’t I?  The only problem is the jeweler is in Kankakee, IL which is not exactly close by.  I do have friends out that way, so maybe a lunch date and some shopping are in order.  Although, I’m guessing $100 isn’t going to  far at a Diamond store.   I have been wanting another stacking band for my wedding ring. 🙂

What kind of special things happened for you this week?



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