Thankful Thursdays

Today I am thankful for some seemingly mundane things: MucinexD, Advil, and iced Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Without these things I would have spent the second half of my day curled up in the fetal position under my desk with a fan blowing on me.  I should probably explain.

Alisha has the flu.  The real one.  Monday through Wednesday was spent trying to keep her temp down (it got as high as 104 at one point.) I ended up taking her to the doctor yesterday and she tested positive for the flu.  I was the only member of the family to get a flu shot in the fall, but with me, that is no guarantee.  I’ve been feeling pretty crummy myself this week, and have been worried I was getting the flu.   Not sleeping well, feeling drained, just icky.  Today it was the worst.  I couldn’t breathe and I felt terrible.  I managed to get through the morning teaching (the poor kids), but had to face an afternoon of parent/teacher conferences.  After the first 2 conferences (one of whom didn’t show) I had a break of a couple hours.  A trip to the drugstore (for the MucinexD), drive-thru at DD, and a stop home for a change of clothes and some Advil got me through the rest of the day.   I forgot to mention my classroom has no air conditioning yet, and it’s summer- 87 degrees today!- here.  I was literally so sweaty from being in my classroom all morning I had to completely change.  Tomorrow I may be teaching and doing conferences in a tube top!  Joking!  Totally joking.  I have some fans in there, but they just move the hot air around.

For real though, MucinexD is the bomb!  It’s the only thing I’ve found that will open up my sinuses when I’m fighting this allergy-cold junk.  Tomorrow I’ll have it ahead of time, so I’m sure my morning will go much better.   Alisha is doing better also.  Her fever is gone, and other than a few aches and a scratchy voice she is back to normal.

What are you thankful for today?


One thought on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. Glad Alisha is feeling better. You should have stayed home but I know you are too dedicated to the kids and your job. Glad to hear you found something to help you feel a little better. I really like DD mocha iced coffee. We have a DD right up the road from us. Feel better soon. Love you.

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