Tiny Talk Tuesday

I have one little girl in my class who is  pretty funny.  The other day she asked me for a “mooch and a hug.” The thing is she talks at warp speed so it kind of sounds like, “amoochanahug.”  I had to ask her 3 times what she meant!  She was getting frustrated with me, so she finally just gave me a kiss on the cheek (a “mooch”) and a hug.  She’s a real cutie too.  I wish you could hear the way she says, “heart.”  It sounds more like, “hout.”  She’s always good for saying funny things, so this week I’m featuring tiny talk by Susie (her name is not really Susie, but you know…I have to call her something and protect her privacy.) So Susie it is!

In my classroom we have a  behavior board.  It’s a rainbow and each day all the children start on green.  If they make good choices all day they might be moved up to blue, or if they are an absolute angel, they move to purple.  However, if they don’t listen and make some not-so-good choices, they might have to move to yellow, orange, or red.  Chances are if you get to red, I’m also sending you to the office and you’re in major trouble.  One day little Susie comes up to me and says, “I didn’t punch anyone in the head. Can I move to blue?”

Susie is quite particular about her writing utensils and can often be found at my desk asking, “Can you sharp this?”  while holding up her favorite colored pencil (purple.)

During one of our snowfalls here in Chicagoland we were discussing the slippery walk across the parking lot and shoveling snow.  Susie offered this statement to the class, “Papa has a snow blower that eats snow off the road.”

Little Susie, like most preschool children, loves attention and wants whichever adult is nearest to comment on her accomplishments.  One day she was walking across the balance beam and called out to me, “Look how I do balance!”

Susie’s cousin Bobby (totally not his name either) is in my class as well.  One day when his older sister (a former student of mine) came in to the school to drop Bobby off, one of the other students said to Susie, “Your sister is in the hall.”  Susie yelled back at them, “That’s not my sister! That’s my twin!”  Ok, this one needs some description (I really am LOL.)  The “twin” (really her cousin) is about 3 years older, dark complected with long, black hair.  Susie is about  2.5 feet tall, very pale, with long blonde hair.

Needless to say, Susie keeps me on my toes.


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