Monday’s Music

So it’s Monday again.  The Tired was trying to take me down today, but I had a smallish victory over it and managed a 2.6 mile run after school today.  Last week I said that Mondays were going to be about music around here, and I intend to keep to that, but it is my blog and I’ll do what I want to, so I’d like to ramble for a paragraph or so.  Mostly about “The Tired.”   As soon as I sit down it tries to take me out.  Busy has been the definition of my life these past few weeks and I can feel the burn out coming.  I need to be better about purposefully scheduling down time for myself.  Today I had a whole hour where I did nothing but read my blogs and look at fb.  It was exactly what I needed mid-day to give my brain and body a rest.  Constantly thinking about my lists and responsibilities is stressful to me and some zone-out time is about the only thing that helps my brain relax.

Now, on to the music.  If you know me at all, you know my taste in music is pretty eclectic.  In one playlist I’ll have Bing Crosby singing right after Lecrae who is singing after Jack Johnson, and then maybe some Skillet thrown in for good measure.  If I had to choose an all-time favorite band though, it would have to be Mercy Me.  Mostly because the guys in the band are the real deal, and also because their lyrics speak to me.  They have a new cd coming out in May, called The Hurt and the Healer.  If the title track is any indication, it’s going to be of the same quality all their other music.  Since I own all their other cds, I’ve already pre-ordered this one and I’m anxiously awaiting the release.  The lyrics are pretty powerful and encouraging to anyone who’s ever been hurt (hello…ALL of us!)   I really, really love the cover art on the new cd also, and if I can figure out how to get it on a canvas, I want it for my foyer.  So if you get a chance, go to iTunes and listen to “The Hurt and The Healer”, then buy it.  Then listen to it again, and again, and again.  You’ll be better for it, I promise 🙂

For fun, at the end of every Rock & Worship Roadshow, the Mercy Me guys and the other bands that are on the tour do a cover tune.  I think last year’s was better than this year’s, but they’re both funny!  Happy Monday, folks!

Cover Tune Grab Bag Mercy Me “Baby”

Cover Tune Grab Bag Mercy Me “Ob-la-di”


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