Saturday Special

I’m not sure what’s special about today other than the weather.  It’s a perfect 80 degrees and sunny, with a lovely breeze!  It’s so weird that a week and a half ago I was wearing shoes and socks, a scarf, and my coat.  Now for a week I’ve been in summer clothes.  Flip flops even!  I’ll take it thank you very much.  Skipping the rain and coolness of Spring is fine with me.  Skip straight to summer I say!  Today’s weather is so special in fact that I cleaned off the deck so I could sit outside and do some writing and some work.

In trying to think of something special to write about I came up with nothing, and we’ve already covered the weather.  Wait! I just thought of something!  Bekah is in her high school’s spring musical.  They’re doing “The Secret Garden” (which I know nothing about really)  and just yesterday they upgraded her from simply a chorus singer to an actual speaking part.  She’s really excited.  Last night her friend, who is also in the musical, stayed overnight.  I had to laugh everytime I heard them practicing their lines with their fake British accents.  If all the rehearsals are any indication, it will be a great show!

Alisha’s orchestra tooks gold in a competition this morning as well.  That’s pretty special.  She had to be at the school at 7am, so I was the one to get her up and get her there.  She’s now crashed on the couch sound asleep where as I’ve been going non-stop since I got up.  It’s amazing how much one can accomplish when you get up before noon on a Saturday!  I even fit in a 2 mile run.

That’s something else that’s been special.  I’m back to running again, and even after months of not doing anything, I can go run 2 miles without too much to pay for the next day.  In fact, I feel great when I’m done with a run.  I have a loop I like to run through our neighborhood and I was hoping when I finally ran it with my Nike+ it would be close to 3 miles.  Nope.  Only 2.2 miles.  It just feels like 3.  Oh well, 2 is better than none!  I’m hoping I can stick with it and be consistent.  Being consistent with anything is my biggest failing.  I do good for awhile, but I’ve got no longevity when it comes to anything requiring discipline.  I’m working on it.

Which reminds me, I need to get to work! I’m staring to plan the end-of-the-year awards ceremony and program.  If you were around the Sunny Side at Christmas, you know the programs can get me a wee bit stressed out.  I’m going to work on staying peaceful through this one 😉


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