Thankful Thursdays

Yes, I have not yet abandoned the alliterations.  I’ve nearly abandoned all hope that I’ll write on a regular basis, however.  I’m in between cooking and cleaning up dinner and dropping one kid at youth group, going to another’s orchestra concert, and somewhere in the mix picking the third up from rehearsal for the spring musical.  I’m also about 3 weeks behind on all my shows.  Sigh.  I’m tired just thinking about my life.

Yet, I have much to be thankful for, and today I’d like to share my top 3 with you.  As a Christian, it’s pretty much a rule that the top 2 things you’re thankful for is salvation, and then your family.  After that, the list is different for everyone.  So I guess my #3 is what I’m going to write about today, and it’s not what most of you would think.  It’s my job.  I love what I do, and after talking to people, I realize that it’s a pretty rare thing to find someone who loves their job.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my days…lots of them…when I want to pull my hair out and scream if one more person says, “Mrs. Mongold, I need…” or “Mrs. Mongold, can you…?”  Today was such a day.  The chorus of “Mrs. Mongold” (and one “Mom” thrown in for good measure) was seriously crazy today.  I blame it on our glorious weather.  It’s great to be able to go outside for recess, but the coming back in is hard on everyone.  I’ve changed my daily schedule up just a bit, and it seems to help some, but the fact is it’s still one of me to 14 of them!  But again, I do love what I do.

This week (for the first time ever in my teaching career) I’ve done some teaching and activities about St. Patrick’s Day.  What’s hilarious is how they are so into the whole leprechaun thing.  I’ve told them that leprechauns are boy fairies who aren’t mean or bad, but they do like to play tricks and mess up our classroom.  While we were at recess yesterday, a naughty leprechaun dumped out our St. Patricks’s Day sorting game.  The kids decided to make a trap so we could catch him if he came in our classroom again while we were gone.  Their trap looked like this:  When I asked them about the junk stuff they were putting in the trap, they had some good answers, so I just let them go.  Me: “How is a coloring book going to help catch a leprechaun?”  Boy: “It’s slippery, and when he steps on it he’ll slip into the trap.”  Ok then.

Sadly their trap didn’t stop the naughty fairy and he took all of the gold coins out of the trap and distributed them into their pencil boxes.  Boy, were they surprised when they opened them!  Since tomorrow is our last chance to celebrate this day of Irish fun, I helped them make a trap for the leprechaun.  Here’s what we came up with together.  We will see if it works tomorrow 😉  We’re also going to watch the very short Veggie Tale’s story about St. Patrick.  It’s a good one!  And for a special dance party Friday, we’re going to do an Irish jig.

Now really, is this not the BEST job in the world?  It is for me, and I am so thankful for it!

*pics were taken with my fancy schmancy new Canon Rebel :):):)


One thought on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. Lisa, you are an awesome teacher. Your students and their parents are very lucky. Reading your blog you can tell you love your job. I, too, was very fortunate to like my job. Love you!

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