Tiny Talk Tuesday

Today we took both Pre-K classes to Bellaboo’s for a field trip.  Here’s the stats: 23 kids, 15 parent chaperones, and 3 teachers.  It was a GREAT field trip and if you live anywhere near Northwest Indiana, you need to take your kids to Bellaboo’s.  Such a fun place!

There were a bunch of funny things the kids said today.  Unfortunately I was too busy counting heads and keeping track of people to remember all of them.  By far the funniest was in the art room.  The Bellaboo’s teacher was doing a shape patterning activity with the kids.  She would draw a pattern on the board and they would make the pattern with foam shapes at their tables. After they did an A-B pattern, she said she was going to do something harder (an A-B-C pattern) and see if she could trick them.  One little guy from my class shouted out, “You can’t trick us! We’re awesome!”

And awesome they were!  So awesome in fact,  the Bellaboo’s teacher who did the nursery rhyme story time investigation with them commented on their good behavior and how well they did the activity because they knew sight words and how to read some of the other words.  It feels good to know they’re getting it, and I’ll admit it was fun to have them show off.  The program we did was called “NCIS: Nursery Children Investigate and Solve”.  The kids had to figure out who stole the cookies from the cookie jar (one of the three little pigs) and who dumped Jack and Jill’s pail of water (Mary’s little lamb.)  They do such a great job at Bellaboo’s!  It was fun and educational.

Outside at Bellaboo’s they have giant play rocks to climb on and jump off of.  The boys were in heaven! They also had a sand pit with dinosaur bones to dig up.  One of my little guys told me as he was brushing off a dino tooth, “I’m an alientologin.”  I asked him what that was, and he told me, “That’s someone who finds dinosaur bones.”

After the field trip was over and we were all back at school I stopped in the Kindergarten room to say hi, and one of the little girls had wiped out at recess pretty badly and her bandages needed changed.  I took her to the office and while we were walking I asked her what happened.  She has this hilarious deep voice for such a little girl and she told me, “I slid on the concrete.”  It wasn’t funny, but the way she said it was.  Then when I was trying to re-bandage her knee (it was pretty bad!) I kept getting a bandage stuck on the gloves I was wearing, and the little girl said, “Well, this is a sticky situation.”  I bust out laughing, and so did she!  She was in my class last year, and gave me daily fodder for Tiny Talk Tuesday.  Man, I miss having funny kids! My students this year are fun, just not funny.

The other big thing that happened today was that one of my Vietnamese speaking students was busting out all kinds of English!  As we were driving there she said, “Horse” when we drove past a farm that had horses.  Then, in the play area (slides and ball pits) she called out, “Mrs. Mongold! Look at me.”  I was so excited! This is the first week she’s really been expressing herself in English.  Ususally we just pretend to understand each other.  The best was when I pulled the van up to a stop sign, and I guess I wasn’t going fast enough for her liking and she said, “Ok, now go!” 

Today was a very, very good day.  I even got a 2 mile run in after school since this is the first day (FIRST DAY) in months that my husband’s work schedule allowed him to pick up the girls from school. Oh, this Tuesday is blessed indeed.



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