Mondays: Madness and Music

The alliteration rolls on.  At first I though it was just too negative to call all Mondays “mad”…as in insane.  However, if today is any indication, Mondays are in fact insane, and the reason there is only one Monday a week is because God love me and wants me to remain sane.  My second thought was to write something about music, which I enjoy immensely.  I do need to revisit the madness of this Monday as I’m sitting in a Panera a half hour from my warm home and pjs whilst my children participate in an event appropriately called “Monday Madness.”  The difference is theit event is actually a good thing!  It’s through a great organization called PATH and I’m glad my girls like to go, just not so glad to be so sleepy and cold sitting here in Panera.  The madness of this day is totally not worth getting into, just suffice it to say it was indeed a Monday!

On to the music.  I love music!  It speaks to me in a way nothing else can, which is one reason I’m so careful about the type of music we listen to in our family.  I truly believe that the stuff you surround yourself with greatly affects you, and as messed up as I can be, vigilence is a good thing.  By that I mean, primarily we only listen to Christian music.  Occassionaly you can hear Sam Cooke or Michael Buble crooning from our vehicle, but other than that, we keep our music to the God-honoring variety.  I need all the positive thoughts I can get flowing my way!  It doesn’t get any more positive than the message of the gospel.

So let me introduce you to my latest “fling”.  In our family whenever we find a new band or a favorite band puts out a new cd, we kind of go crazy on it.  Meaning it’s ALL we listen to.  I read the cd insert, check out their website, read all the lyrics and do my best to learn them.  My girls take it a step further and try to learn the harmonies.  Me, I just sing along, happily off key.  The latest band to catch our attention is the Rend Collective Experiment.  We first saw them when we went to the Rock & Worship Roadshow a few weeks ago.  They were one of the many bands playing, and they were pretty amazing.  Hailing from Ireland, their accents can be heard in many of their songs (my favorite is when they sing of God’s overwhelming “griss” or grace…which I actually do LOVE them singing about.)  Their latest cd is called “Homemade Worship by Handmade People” and the “organic” nature of this cd shines through.  I think it’s so cool that their cds are recorded not in a studio, but in homes around Ireland.  At the concert I got the chance to meet them for a second and tell them how much I enjoyed their set.  I also bought both of their cds which, no lie, are pretty much on constant play for me.

Why?  Because they speak of great hope, great grace (lol…or griss), and are a constant postitive noise in my ears.  When my life gets crazy busy like it’s been lately, it’s especially important that I watch that I’m listening to stuff that points me in the right direction.  I would say it’s equally important to guard what I watch, but frankly, what with my practically living in my mini-van as a full-time chauffer, I don’t get to watch  much of anything except bad drivers!  Ooops, that madness of Monday is creeping back in.  Here are some of the videos from my new favorite band.  I won’t make you read through the lyrics, but if you can, just close your eyes (I know it’s a video, but it’s the only way I know how to link to the songs) and listen to the lyrics.  I pray they bring you the peace, joy, and hope I get when I hear them.

Although it’s hard to pick just two favorites, I would say “You Bled” and “Exalt” are in my top five for sure.

And when you hear this song, I DARE you not to clap along!  Or at the very least tap your toes.  It’s just not possible.

The bottom line is this band makes music that my soul wants to sing!  I hope it made your “mad” Monday a bit more managable 😉

Update: About an hour after I wrote this I was waiting for my kids (yet again) and watching Rend Collective Videos on my iphone in the care and found this gem!  If you love the accents, you’ll love this one 🙂


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