Tiny Talk Tuesday

Well folks you’re in for a treat.  It’s taken over half the school year, but my students are finally getting funny.  Maybe it’s just that for the first half of the year I didn’t have a sense of humor, but I think it’s more likely that my little crew of Pre-Kindergarteners are finally growing up a bit.  This particular group is different from any other class I’ve had in all the years I’ve been teaching.  They are definitely more challenging, and I find it hard to hear the humor in the things they say.  Of course one of them speaks very little English, and another doesn’t speak any.  They could be saying hilarious things in Vietnamese and I just don’t know it.

As of late they’ve come up with a few funny sayings and like other years I have sticky notes with the scribbled funny sayings in a folder.  Thanks to my scheduled endoscopy tomorrow, I find myself with the time to write, and on a Tuesday night (since I don’t have to get up at dark thirty!)   So, without further ado, enjoy this edition of Tiny Talk Tuesday.

  • One day during seat work time (around Christmas time) one of the boys was singing to himself while he colored. “Frosting the snowman was a very jolly man.  Frosting the snowman was a very jolly man…”  He sang that one line over and over again.  I guess that’s the only line he knew.
  •  Sometimes I’ll put shaving cream on a tray for them to practice writing in.  One little girls was playing in the shaving cream and said, “It’s squishy like mushrooms!” 
  • Sometimes the Kindergarteners visit my room for centers, and one such morning a previous student of mine said, “Mrs. Mongold, my brain is funny if I wear it on top of my head.” 
  • When a student has a birthday it’s always a big deal, and there is much conversation about their upcoming parties.  D told me, “There’s gonna be a CLOWN at my party!! You know what kind of face he’s gonna paint me?!? A bat!!”  I love that they talk backwards…and that I totally understand what they’re saying since I speak the same way.
  • We had been learning about telling sentences and how they end in a period.  During library time one day a little guy brought his story book to me and asked, “What’s an upside down i mean?”  (an exclamation point) Another student told me during reading circle it was called an “explanation point.” 
  • We’ve also been discussing question marks in class, and when I asked the class if they knew what the curvy mark at the end of the sentence was called, one boy answered, “A mystery.”  Another day a little girl brought me her book during library time and pointed to a question mark and said, “Look, it’s an answer!”
  • When the children bring back their completed homework, they get one smartie from my candy jar.  After Valentine’s Day I mixed the extra conversation hearts in the jar.  One little boy got his candy for bringing his homework back and as he was walking away from my desk he said, “Why won’t this candy bite?”  I did laugh out loud at that one.  I guess the hearts are much harder to chew.

Apparently I had way more sticky notes than I thought!  I have enough for another Tiny Talk Tuesday, so I’ll save them for next time.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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