9 minutes

I have exactly 9 minutes to give you an update: (good luck reading this post!)

Today is Bekah’s 16th birthday.  We’re going to a friend’s 40th birthday party tonight after we stop at Best Buy and Ulta.  Today in school, one kid peed his pants in the play area, another had a bloody nose, and we had a dance party with glow sticks in the dark (well, as dark as my classroom gets.)  At least the last part was fun.  Phil is sleeping on the couch for the 9 minutes we have before we have to leave.  Today for some reason my girls all of the sudden decided French braids are cool.  They’re barking up the wrong tree if they think I can help them!  I can barely do my own hair.  My past two haircuts have been the best I’ve ever had.  For real.  I had a gift card otherwise there is no way I can justify $50 for a haircut!  But really, in the 8 weeks between those cuts, I didn’t have one bad hair day, and I’ve not had so many hair complements since the day I went bleach blonde.  I will not do that again.  Ever.  I am not blonde.  Yesterday I gave my students gum.  It was for a very long project we’d been working on.  I really want to share it with you, but time is running out. Maybe this weekend.  Three day weekend!  Thanks to President’s Day.  Also, next week I’m having and edoscopy (good times) and so I had to take 2 days off (one for the procedure, one cause I’m a wimp)  so really, I only have to work 2 days out of the next 9 days.  Put that way, it almost sounds like a vacation.  Although for part of that I’ll be under anesthesia. I have about 15 posts floating around my brain.  I wonder if I’ll ever get a nice chunk of time to write?  The beginning of the year my students weren’t really saying anything funny.  They are a tough group, this year’s bunch, but the past few weeks they’ve had some good ones.  I’ve been taking notes, so a Tiny Talk Tuesday is in the works.  Can you believe I have two kids who could legally drive if I’d get my butt in gear and teach them?!?  I can’t.  If I had lots of money I’d just send them both to driving school.  I wish I had lots of money.  With that said…it’s time to wake Phil from his nap and start the next phase of our constant running.  Well, I hope you enjoyed my 9 minutes.



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