I Miss Blogging

It’s been over a month since my last post.  <<sigh>>  The reasons (excuses) are totally legit.  I really miss it though, and this past week I think I’ve written 8 or 9 different posts in my head.  Sadly ten minutes after I mentally hit “publish”, they disappeared into the abyss known as my brain.  I’m sure they’re in there somewhere.  I’d need some sort of GPS to find them though.

The biggest factor in my being MIA from not only my blog, but the internet in general, is that I was focusing on my “real” life more than my online one.  For those of you who know me in “real” life and keep up with me on facebook, twitter, or this blog, I think you can attest to the fact that I’m pretty much the same.  Although I do know I tend to be able to express myself more clearly in print than in a face to face with someone.  (For all I know you could be sitting reading this and going…huh, I don’t get what you’re saying…which is sometimes how I feel conversations go in real life.)

My husband and I recently took a parenting teenagers class at our church.  It was pretty much amazing and we both learned tons of helpful things.  One week’s lesson was about social media.  Not only was it eye-opening in respect to how we raise our kids, it was especially eye-opening to how I approach all thing internet related.  I’ve had the pleasure of making some really good online friends over the past few years.  These are people that I keep in touch with regularly (through social media or texts), yet have never met face to face.  They are legitimate friends, but they aren’t here.  They aren’t the people I can call in an emotionally low moment and say, “Please go get a coffee with me!  I’m about to lose it (at home, work, whatever.)”  Doesn’t mean I love them less, it just means the miles between us put restrictions on our friendship.

One of the most glaring things I took away from that class was that I spent a LOT of time focusing on my online relationships, and the real life ones I had were either non-existent anymore, or on life support.  When we made the move from our home church of 18 years, to the one we currently attend (and have for a little over a year now) we “lost” a lot of real life friends.  Some because we chose to leave, some just because our paths no longer cross…unless we are very intentional about it, and it was hard.  Still is.

Bottom line is for the past 2 months or so, I’ve really felt like I need to be here.  Fully engaged in my “real” life.  It’s been hard.  It’s been messy.  It meant I have to put myself out there to make new friends at our new church, and that is scary.  And hard.  And time consuming.  But I love it!  I’ve met some awesome people.  Will they all be my new bff…hardly.  Through all of this I can say the thing I have gained most is insight into myself, my motives, and what my passions are, and what they should be.

It’s been a learing experience for sure, and so often I’ve wished I could fit time to write into the the equation. I’d love to share the things I’ve learned with you guys!  I get the feeling as we’re settling into fall (with what is predicted to be a horrific winter on the horizon), those long, cold winter days will give me the chance to play catch up.  For now, I leave you with a hearty, “I missed you so much!!”  Now, I need to shower and get ready to go.  The fam and I are going to the apple orchard (no i’s in sight…and I might even leave my iphone in the car) to hang out with some friends and their kids. Have a happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “I Miss Blogging

  1. I miss you too! The only friends I have are my internet friends, I so long to have a friend here local with me. It’s nice to have a friend that can go get coffee with you or just spend an afternoon with. But it’s also good to take a break from the internet too it can be so addictive and time consuming.

  2. Lisa, your posts are always so interesting and informative and make me feel closer to you and your family. You are a wonderful person and I am very proud to call you my niece. Love you!

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