Summer Projects

 Along with the rest of the nation, I’m thanking God for air conditioning, iced coffee, and swimming pools. This heat wave is ridiculous, but I’d take heat like this over cold, negative winter temps any day! I’m a summer type of girl.  Which explains another reason why I love my job so much…summers off!  I’ve probably got the best tan I’ve had since the days when I was a teenager and had nothing better to do than lay by my grandparent’s pool listening to a Depeche Mode tape on my boom box.  Actually, things are not all that different.  I watched Marissa float around the pool while listening to her itunes on the fancy, shmancy speaker thingy my husband got for us music freaks.  The only real difference is you know, I’m a grown up and I have stuff that has to get done (and we listen to happier tunes.) (Depeche Mode = Depress Mode…what was I thinking?!?)

This summer I had a mental list of projects I wanted to accomplish.  I say “mental” because I’m so commitment phobic that to actually write it down would mean it was real and thus if I didn’t accomplish the stuff on said list I would be a complete failure.  I have mentioned a few times that I’m a great candidate for therapy, right?  Well, I am.  And I would totally go if it weren’t so darned expensive.  Because besides being slightly OCD, and well, mental, I’m cheap frugal.  I can hear my husband scoffing at that sentence, but I AM.

In my frugality, I have certain methods to shopping.  IKEA is one of my favorite stores, and when shopping there, you definitely need to have a plan of attack.  We always start in the as-is area.  We’ve gotten some great stuff discounted simply because it was a floor model, or has a slight flaw, or whatever.  Like we’re not going to scratch stuff up anyway? Ha! We live in our home.  The last time we took a trip to IKEA they had some kids chairs in the as-is area.  The only problem with them is they were scuffed up a bit and missing their cushions.  My teacher brain immediately saw these chairs in my library center!  I scored those babies for $10 each.  Oh yeah!  I figured, how hard could it be to sew some cushions?  Turns out not that hard.  However, when it was all said and done, I only saved about $12 from purchasing the chairs brand new.  Although, then I would have had to put the frames together.  I’ll let you decide, but I think my fun fabric is way cuter than their beige cushion, and so I’m very proud of little ol’ me!  Next up…finishing the curtains for Bekah’s basement room, then I’ll finally reveal the summer-long project before and after pics.  I know, you can’t wait!

What projects have you been recently working on?  (if you look at my pics closely, you can see what theme I decided on for my classroom this year…more to come on that soon 😉

The finished product!







One thought on “Summer Projects

  1. Love the chairs. My project has and still is moving. BTW, I finally got my “baby fix” yesterday and she is absolutely perfect. Wait until you get your hands on her, you won’t want to leave. Love you and can’t wait to see you.

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