REAL Dishes

I’ve always known our family was a little quirky in the way we do things.  Throughout the years I’ve tried to conform to what I thought was “normal”, but for the most part it never took.  We’re just weird.  Or irresponsible. Depends on how you look at it.

When we got married (18 years ago) my husband was pretty much already set up in life. That’s one of the perks of marrying someone ten years older than you are.  He had a good job, a house, a car, and a motorcycle (that went as soon as the babies came.)  The only thing he didn’t have was dishes.  The man has always used paper plates.  When we first met, he was using empty margarine tubs for bowls (I suppose that recycling method balanced out his constant use of paper plates.)  Over the years we’ve had different sets of dishes that were rarely used.  One time we bought a set of dishes just so we could have people over for dinner.  Unfortunately I was not thinking clearly and bought ones that needed to be hand washed.  Needless to say, for everyday use they were not very practical, and due to our lack of being social over the past 5 or 6 years, they went to the Salvation Army. I also have my Grandmother’s china, but again, not for everyday use.

A few years ago friends of ours moved and in helping them pack they gave me some kitchen stuff they didn’t want to take with them.  I’m still using those 3 plates.  See, I’m particular about certain things (some would call it OCD.)  I don’t mind eating a sandwich on a paper plate, but spaghetti, not so much.  My family however will eat anything off of paper plates!  I’m the only one who uses the real dishes, which is ok since there are 5 of us, and we only have 3 plates.

All that to say I’ve decided that our carbon footprint is probably the size of Texas, and this family needs to learn to eat off of REAL plates.  I’ve started looking online at dinner ware, and there are some really fun patterns out there!  I’m thinking I’d rather go with something more “vanilla” though.  Of course, no matter what I choose it has to be microwave and dishwasher safe!  I kind of like this set and this one too.  I haven’t found the one I love yet.

I’m curious…what kind of quirks does you family have?  Do you eat off “real” dishes or can you match my Texas-sized footprint?


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