Reading, Rambling, & Roofs

It’s early. I figured I better get on here before the pounding begins.  Today we’re having a new roof put on our house.  Ah, the joys of home ownership!  It’s necessary, but I can think of a lot more fun ways to spend thousands of dollars.  Like a vacation to the beach!  From both my husband’s and the roofing guy’s assessment, this is something that cannot wait.  Which brings to mind all the other things that have sprung up this week: 2 of the girls need braces, and the dog needs his yearly exam and shots.  These are all expensive things.  Sigh.  While being a teacher is probably the most awesome gig ever (I get the summers off), I don’t get paid through the summer.  It’s all good. I’m not worried about it, just you know, I’d rather go to the beach 🙂

Since this post started out all rambly-like, I think I’ll go with that.  My husband actually read my last blog post.  Ok, I need to interrupt this thought to tell you that having people walking on your roof is VERY disconcerting!  Back to the blog…my husband read it.  He made the most hilarious statement to me, “You threw everyone under the bus…including yourself.”  I actually laughed out loud at that.  I didn’t think it came off like that, and really, I thought I was talking about wagons…not buses.  I have managed to cook edible meals a few times this week!

Oh wow…It sounds like these guys are going to fall right through the roof and onto my laptop!  Well, my concentration is shot.   I wonder if this is how people with ADHD feel?  My mind is kind of all over the place.  Remember when I said I had some goals for this summer?  I haven’t gotten very far in accomplishing those, however I have read 8 novels.  Reading is my vice.  And I say vice because it’s what I do when I want to avoid work, life, and thinking.  I’m currently reading the third book in Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn’s, Sullivan Crisp series, called “Healing Sands.”  The series is essentially about a therapist.  Great books! I’ve really enjoyed them, and honestly come away from the first two feeling like I was in some therapy sessions.  For the record, I think everyone could use a therapist (at least at one point or another in their lives.)

I’m really distracted now.  The sky is darkening and I fear it will rain.  If there’s lightning like there was in last night’s storm, these guys on my roof are in trouble!  Oh my goodness, the glasses in my cabinet that are touching are making a clinking sound, the house is shaking so much.  Ok, I’m done. I’ll not make you listen to my crazy thoughts any longer.

Tomorrow I’ll post before and after pics of the roof.  For now, I’ll sip my second cup of coffee and watch it rain shingles.


One thought on “Reading, Rambling, & Roofs

  1. Lisa, I just love to read your blogs. You make everything entertaining to read. Love you and miss you! Are you coming in this summer? If so, when? We are moving into our townhouse July 16.

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