Ichthus 2011: In Pictures

Setting up camp is always a good time.  No matter how many times we’ve set up a particular tent, we always forget which poles go where.  Marissa is an expert tent setter-upper!  One of her friends from school came with us.  Her name is Charis and she’s a lot of fun. I always wonder what people who have to spend any amount of time with our family really think about us.  She seemed to have fun, and not be too traumatized by our quirks.



There were numerous severe storms that blew though Wilmore, Kentucky during our stay.  The tent Phil and I were using did nothing to keep out the rain, and all of our bedding got wet.  What to do when the nearest laundromat is 30 min away?  You use your vehicle as a clotheline!  Notice the semi-truck behind our van? That’s the ice truck. They sold ice there during the day, and at night the stupid generator would run every 30 min or so to keep the truck cold.  Between that, the screamo bands, and the crickets, I don’t think I slept well the whole time we were there.




Chik fil a is the official food of Ichthus Festival!







This is one of our new favorite bands, The City Harmonic. They kicked off Ichthus Festival on the main stage Wednesday night.  The thing I love about this band is that they were around the whole time.  They didn’t hide back stage where only artists were allowed, they didn’t ride golf cars all over (they walked like we did), and in general they just hung out like normal people.  I had a couple conversations with these guys, and really enjoyed chatting with them.  They’re from Canada, and super personable.  Their cd is great! Can’t say enough good things about these guys.  Singing their song, “Manifesto” with thousands of people was pretty amazing!  A glimpse of heaven for sure.



Check out those clouds and the sea of tents. I didn’t hear any official numbers, but unofficially, I think there were something like 18,000 people at Ichthus Festival (at least that’s what someone tweeted, and we all know tweets are accurate 😉  Either way, there were a LOT of people at this event.


If you’re my friend on fb you can check out all the other pics I took, but my friend Shelly got way better pics than I did!  Some of the highlights were things I didn’t even see or get on camera, but other people did.  You can check them out here:

SoulGlow of FamilyForce5 surfing the crowd in a giant gerbal ball .

Matthew West (err…I mean Justin Bieber??)

Red and their pyro (so awesome!)

Skillet always puts on a great show!




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