Our 2011 Ichthus Campsite


transitive verb
a : to grasp the nature, worth, quality, or significance of   b : to value or admire highly
Five things I appreciate after five days of tent camping at Ichthus Festival:
  1. Indoor Plumbing–   Flushing toilets are an amazing thing.  At Ichthus they only have porta-potties!  I’ll give them credit for being the most well maintained porta-potties and thus not as horrific as they could have been, but a porta-potty is a porta-potty, and sharing them with thousands of other people…ick.
  2.  Showers–   At the Ichthus Farm where the festival is held, there are two shower houses with about 10 shower stalls in each.  On Wednesday I was able to take a warm shower.  On Thursday the water came straight from the Arctic circle (and I had to wait in line for half an hour for that cold shower!)  There was a ministry there raising money, the Christian Appalachian Project, who had a semi-truck thing that had showers with hot water, but there was always a line for those.  Besides, showering in the back of a truck would kind of weird me out. I managed 2 showers in 5 days, and ‘trail baths’ for the rest. (trail bath = baby wipes and baby powder)
  3. Shelter–  Tent camping is not for the faint of heart…or anyone who can’t deal with being uncomfortable (or if you’re a light sleeper.)   The joy I had waking up in my bed this morning not damp and covered in morning dew…words cannot express. While we were at Ichthus 4 severe storms came through Wilmore, Kentucky, the last of which ripped up our new tent and broke a couple of poles.  Every time a storm was headed our way, the National Guard and the police would drive around the grounds using megaphones telling everyone to seek shelter in their vehicles or a hard topped camper…but whatever you do, don’t stay in your tents.  We got this as a wake-up call two different mornings at Ichthus.  Not fun.  The lightning in these storms was the biggest issue, and no lie, one lady working in the artist hospitality tent got zapped when lightening struck the pole she was resting against.  Craziness!
  4. Cleanliness– I always complain that my house isn’t clean enough.  After 5 days of being outside in a mowed field, my house looks amazingly clean!  No bugs, no dirt, no grass sticking to my feet.  No sharp weeds sticking up and poking me, and there are many surfaces to sit down on.  And my bathroom looks really good after those porta-potties!  Just having clean feet is such a beautiful thing. Wearing flip-flops for days in the dust and dirt, my feet look like cracked leather. 
  5. Temperature Control– I’m burnt.  Despite putting on layers and layers of sunscreen, my skin still burned.  Some of the stages were under huge tents, but once you get a few hundred people crammed in that tent, the breeze doesn’t flow, and it’s just hot and icky.  Keep in mind the shower situation for all of us, and things could be quite pungent as well.  After the sun went down, it would get pretty cool, so I’d wear a sweatshirt and socks to bed, but then when the sun would come up in the morning and the dew would start to burn off, it was like waking up in a sauna.  My house is a beautifully, constant temperature with a roof shielding me from the elements. 

These are things I usually take for granted. Not so today!


5 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. Thanks for actually confirming for me that Ichthus would not be a wise thing for me to go to. Heat, lack of sleep, and sirens–all bad for me!

    • You could always rent one of the dorm rooms at Asbury University! They bus people to and from the college and the grounds. I’ve heard it’s a great way to do Ichthus!

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  2. And yet you still want us to come up there? What’s wrong with you!! (LOL) Seriously, I am glad that you are home safe and I def understand the difference in not waking up in bed being damp. Ugh!!

    • TJ- despite ALL that, it was an awesome time and I will do it all over again next year (hoping for better weather of course!)

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