Ichthus Bound!

Today is my first ‘official’ day of summer break!  My students were done on June 1st, but it’s taken me almost 4 days of working all day to clean out my classroom.  There are some big changes on the horizon for the school, and I needed to sort through ten years of teachers’ stuff.  And teachers?  Well, there could be a show along the lines of “Hoarders” about the stuff we keep.  Over the years when a teacher would leave the school to move on to other ventures, they would kindly donate their stuff to the other teachers remaining.  Ten years of that, people, and I’m telling you there was a LOT to sort through. 

My classroom is now a beautifully sorted and labeled mess of furniture and boxes.  I even had to leave a label de-coder so anyone who comes in would know what belongs to whom.  Some stuff belongs to the daycare center, some stuff to the school, some stuff to the specific Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten programs, and then all of my stuff.  If I brought all of my personal stuff home, I would literally fill our garage!  As my girls would outgrow toys, I would take them to school and use them in my classroom.  So, you can see why I have an especially hard time parting with some of the stuff.  Blocks we bought for Alisha.  The dollhouse and all the accessories the girls played with when they were little.  Just lots of stuff and lots of memories.  It was a big job, but I’m glad I did it!

Now I have the summer stretching before me like a blank (ok…semi-blank) canvas.  Our schedule is already filling up with activities.  Bekah will continue her piano lessons this summer, and she’s in the chorus of another production; Les Miserables.  The practices seem less trying to me since I’m not working.  She loves it, and that’s what’s important.  I’d love to find a violin teacher for Alisha, but all the ones who are taking students are super pricey.  I don’t need the best, I just need someone to teach her. 

Our first (of only 2) trips of the summer is coming up.  Last year we experienced Ichthus Festival for the first time.  This year we’re going again, and this time Phil is going with us!  Since he doesn’t like too much down time, he signed up to serve on the security team. I think he’d make a good bouncer in front of the stage making sure no one tries to rush the stage for Skillet 😉  Marissa is also bringing along one of her friends that she made at school this year.  She’s a sweet girl whose family will be moving to Africa soon as missionaries. 

It’ll be an interesting trip to be sure.  We need to take 2 vehicles to fit all the people and stuff.  I’m voting myself to drive the van full of camping equipment and let Phil drive his Trailblazer with 4 teenage girls.  Hahaha.  Maybe not.  That would just be mean.  I’m a little OCD about planning camping trips.  In my defense, it is a lot to plan.  This particular type of camping is different from say, camping in a state park or campground.  The festival is held on a huge, empty field.  You just set up your tent (or 3) in an empty spot.  There’s no electricity (although, we may have some friends we can borrow some from for the important things…like the coffee pot 😉  and only port-a-potties for facilities.  There’s one shower house with maybe 10 stalls that run water straight from the Arctic.  If you do want to take a shower, you wait in line for an hour to do so. 

All that to say, I have to get creative in how we’re going to handle personal hygiene.  I’m thinking if I get one of those collapsible water containers for each of us and leave them sit in the sun all day, every night we can put on our swimsuits and at least wash our hair (and rinse off the sweat.)  The good news is everyone’s in the same boat.  We will ALL be sweaty and gross together!  And by all, I mean the other 10,000 people there. Good times!

The artist line-up for this year is great!  I can’t wait to see REILLY (#1 one my list!!), LeCrae, The City Harmonic, Josh Wilson, Family Force 5, Mikeschair, and The Tranform DJs

What are your summer plans? Do you camp? Any tips??


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