Teeny Tiny Talk Tuesday (Cereal for Dinner)

This should be “Tiny Talk Tuesday” but the energy it would take to walk into the other room and get the mess of sticky notes from my work bag is just not available.  I’m recovering from this death-flu, however it appears it’s going to be a gradual recovering.  As in, I go to work, then rest.  Play taxi driver to kids, then rest.  Well, that’s as far as I’ve gotten today. I’m stuck on rest.   I’m also having a hard time differentiating between the thunder outside and my stomach.  I really need to cook dinner, but that takes you know…being able to stand up.  Phil is working his long hours as usual.  Plus we’re in softball season which means at least one night he’s gone for that. Tonight is my Bible study night too, but the odds of me making that are slim to none. Sorry ladies!

I’m trying to stay positive, but man, I’m tired!  It would be a lot easier if I didn’t have to be responsible for stuff. If it was just me, I’d grab a piece of bread and some cheese and call it a meal.  My family doesn’t hold to those same standards.  They’ve done a fair job of keeping the house in tact while I’m convalescing, but I think after 6 days their patience has run out.  I would order take-out, but that would require me to go OUT. Not happening.  Phil “cooked” these past few nights I’ve been too sick to manage. And by “cook” I mean he went and got food from a restaurant.   I would order in, but I’m way, way too cheap to actually have food delivered here.  I can count on one hand the times in nearly 18 years of marriage that we’ve done that!  So, that leaves me back at square one.  Hungry. Tired.  Getting desperate.  Can we live on cereal and snack foods?  I’m thinking yes…at least for now.

I did have one hilarious thing I remember being said today.  Currently we are working on a themed unit about butterflies.  I ordered some live cultures (caterpillars) from this awesome site like I do every year.  Today as the kids came in they were so excited to see that 4 of the caterpillars have already formed their chrysalis.  One little girl walked over to the container and yelled, “It’s a raccoon! It’s a raccoon! The worms are changing into butterflies.”  (she meant “cocoon” which I’ve corrected them on about 1,000 times.)  Moths form cocoons, butterflies form chrysalis.  And they aren’t worms.  But whatever.  A little boy standing next to her said, “First they have to be grasshoppers THEN they can be butterflies.”  This made no sense to me, and it wasn’t until after the kids left that I noticed on our butterfly life-cycle poster, the wet, crumpled butterfly emerging from it’s chrysalis kind of looks like a grasshopper.  Guess I’ll have to clear that one up tomorrow!

Time for some Cheerios.


2 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Talk Tuesday (Cereal for Dinner)

  1. Don’t feel bad that you don’t cook when you are sick. They are not going hungry, and they are old enough to find food int he fridge and cabinet. I say if they don’t want cereal, make them figure out an alternative and take care of it.

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