Lesson Learned

I’m not sure why it seems as if on special days or holidays I’m always fighting some sickness or another.  On my 16th birthday I came down with the really bad flu (similar to what I have right now.)  I recall being sick in bed on more than one Mother’s Day and my kids making me Happy Mother’s Day/Get Well cards.  It just seems as if there’s a celebration to be had, I’m sitting it out, sick in bed. 

Such is the case this weekend.  It’s a big weekend for believers in Jesus Christ.  This is the weekend we remember and celebrate what He’s done for us.  Taking the punishment for our sins, dying on a Roman cross, and then through the power of God being raised to life again offering us the chance to accept what He’s done on our behalf, and thus have a relationship with God our Father that fulfills us.  Since I teach in a Christian school, this has been what our Bible lessons have been about for two weeks now.  I’ve been building up to this weekend.  I was ready!  Add to that the fact that we’ve finally found a new church to be part of that we love.  I was really looking forward to being a part of the services this weekend.  With 7 services this weekend at Bethel Church, I was going to attend 2 and take care of babies in the nursery at 2. I was so excited to see how our new church celebrates and remembers Resurrection Sunday.  Yet, here I am in bed.  With the flu (although I am feeling a little better today 🙂

It got me thinking.  Just because I can’t be part of the celebration, does it make it any less real?  No, of course not!  Emotions and feelings are part of our make-up.  God made us that way, but it shouldn’t be the foundation upon which our beliefs are laid.  Just because I can’t be with a large group of people all there for the same reason I am, to worship our risen Savior, doesn’t make it any less profound.  The chills, the warm-fuzzies, the excitement that comes in that atmosphere, I can’t say I’m feeling that today.  What I do feel today is a deep sense of gratitude and amazement that God loves us so much, me so much, that He sent His Son for us. To die for us. To live for us.

As for the other stuff of Easter, we did away with that years ago. Not for any reason of beliefs or anything, just because the kids got older, and I got lazy.  You can feel bad for my kids if you want, but they don’t seem to be suffering from the lack of eggs and candy and such.  We did the baskets and egg decorating and candy with them through all their little years, and it was fun.  They’re older now and I think we all realize that sometimes what’s fun and what’s necessary are not the same. 

I hope you all have a Happy Easter and most of all I hope you come to a realization of what Easter is really about. 

*Update- as I was getting ready to post this, 2 of my kids walked in and said, “Do we get candy today?”  Apparently I’m more feverish than I thought or a failure as a parent…or both.  They are now petitioning their father to take them to the store for candy. All I can say is they better bring me back a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg! 😉


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