Felled by the Flu

I guess the dust mites are off the hook…this time.  After an early morning trip to the doctor, I have officially been diagnosed with the flu. You know, THE flu. The one they tell you to get a shot for if you work in a high risk job (like daily being around little ones who cough on you and pick their noses.)  I did not get a flu shot, hence…the flu.  Apparently my superhero abilities are limited to coloring eggs and corralling young children, not fending off germs of death.  I have no idea who I’ve been around who had the flu. No one that I know of.   I’ve prayed all day that no one else I’ve been around comes down with it! I would feel terrible.

There goes my 3 day weekend.  I had plans to meet with someone today and then take care of the babies at one of the Good Friday services and attend the other.  Those are out.  Tomorrow I was supposed to take Marissa and her friend to the mall to “hang out” and then we were going to Saturday night church (which would really be the Easter Sunday service…but you know, on Saturday night.)  The doctor said not a good idea.  Stay in bed until Sunday…at least.  He did say if I felt better on Monday he’d be ok with me going back to work.  Well then.

I was trying to find the silver lining in all of this, and surprisingly, I have.  For the most part.  2 years ago my husband got me a laptop for our anniversary (or maybe it was 3.)  Anyhoo…it’s still running just fine, except for some keys that have been rubbed off (e and n are completely gone and s,d and v are on their way) it’s still a good machine.  I’m not sure why he ordered a new one  for me, other than the fact that he watches prices and specs and when the heavens align and both are what he’s looking for, he jumps on it.  If you ever need advice on purchasing electronics, my husband is the guy to talk to!  He’s also been tech support for many a friend or family member whose electronics are giving them grief.  So my new laptop came from Gateway ( I suppose I should also mention there was never any hope of me ever getting a MacBook…he’s an Apple hater.)  It’s all shiny and blue and nice, and I’m afraid to touch it.  Not really afraid I guess, just not wanting to expend the brain energy required to figure it out.  I am fighting the flu you know.  All my energy is spent in thanking the Lord for Advil and Tamiflu.

My husband also wants me to get all the stuff out of my old laptop onto an external drive since it’s going to become the ‘community laptop’ much to my oldest daughter’s chagrin.  She thinks it should become her personal property.  After 16 years in this family, she should know how things work.  Mom gets the new car, dad gets the old car.  Mom gets the new laptop, Dad gets the old laptop.  Mom gets the new _____, Dad gets the old _____.  He’s a good and wise man 😉  This time he’s told them they can all share my old laptop.   That should be fun to watch.

Hopefully I start feeling well enough tomorrow to work on lesson plans and the end of the year program (you know how I LOVE to choreograph things 😉  The laundry, the dishes, the cooking and the various other things I haven’t been able to take care of this week will have to be done by the family.  Or they can starve and wear dirty clothes.  It’s really their call.

Hope you all have a Good Friday and a Happy Easter. Remember what it’s all about!


3 thoughts on “Felled by the Flu

  1. Wait, I thought my husband was THE guy to talk to about tech stuff? I suppose there could be more then one. One for each area maybe?

    Lord I ask that your comfort would surround Lisa and that your shelter would be sufficient for rest the next few days. Lord I ask that her body would not get int the way of what you have laid before her to do, but that instead she would be strengthened as you take her through this. amen

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