Death by Dust Mites

I don’t mean to give you nightmares with that picture or anything, but the results of my recent allergy testing clearly show that those ugly things are my nemesis (nemesises, nemesies??)  If you’ve never had allergy testing done, let me tell you how it goes.  On second thought…never mind. I don’t want to traumatize you any further.  Although if you follow my friend Jenny’s advice, writing graphic and gross will get you more comments.  Then again, she is a well known singer, and I am not.  I’m thinking if I tried that, I would lose the 6 faithful readers I have.  Suffice it to say, the reaction I had to the dust mites was “off the charts”.  The marks on my arm didn’t fade until days later.  And dust mites, well, they are microscopic and everywhere. Not unlike germs.  Which apparently like me as well.

Since I had sinus surgery a year ago, I haven’t been sick nearly as much as was typical for me.  I kind of got used to not being sick.  That’s nice.  The not being sick thing.  I’m talking the head cold/sore throat/ moves into your chest and turns to bronchitis kind of sick.  That’s what was chronic for me.   The sick I’m dealing with this week seems to be a whole new ballgame, and it’s throwing curve balls.  Let me just take a moment out of this post about sickness to discuss the fact that my husband just left for his first softball game of the season.  And let’s take a moment longer to reflect on the fact that it would be more appropriate to say ‘seasons’ since his last game in all likely hood, won’t be until October.  Or the first snowfall.  Softball widows unite!  (And enough with the baseball analogies.)

Very early Wednesday morning I woke up with a fever.  The kind of fever that makes you shake and feel like you’re freezing, yet you sweat like you ran a marathon.  I blamed it on the MRI I had done on my hip the day before.  I’m not sure that an MRI can actually give you a fever, but I rationalized it in the middle of the night.  Then I thought maybe it was my nemesis the dust mite lurking in my pillow that brought on the fever.  I slept the rest of the night in a feverish haze sure I would wake up fine.  It didn’t happen.  Like the martyr I am, I dosed myself with Advil and went about my morning. I got the kids to school, then made it all of 10 minutes in my classroom before crying uncle.  That was before my students even arrived!  Thanks to a great sub stepping in, I slept all day yesterday.  Today I made it through with only a low-grade temp and with my throat feeling much like I swallowed razor blades.   I even managed to teach a little and help 16 children paint 48 eggs with food coloring.  One of my students drew this picture of me also.  Notice that I am in Superman colors and 18 (God bless her for thinking that!)    No MRI, germ, or dust mite can take me down (for long anyway 😉


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