The Snowball Effect

You ever notice how nothing is simple?  Maybe that’s just how the Mongolds roll.

Way back in October Bekah (who is 15) decided she could no longer sleep in the same room with Alisha (who is 12.)  They’ve shared a room for years, and there’s always been issues. Someone is snoring, their blankets are falling on me (one of the beds was a trundle), she’s breathing too loud, etc., etc.  Not to mention the fact that they are both ‘messies’.  Bekah asked to sleep in the living room on the couch one night. Not feeling up to refereeing  yet another argument, I let her sleep there.  Somehow after a month or so she had moved into the living room. I’m not a messy by nature and needed to claim MY space back.  So Bekah was banished to the basement.

It’s not as bad as it sounds.  It’s a finished basement/family room.  We set up the nice double-high air mattress for her and that’s where she’s been sleeping since November.  We kept promising we’d set her up with a real bedroom down there.  Thus the massive day trip to IKEA.  While I was planning on putting all new furniture in the basement, I really hadn’t planned on painting or anything like that.  Bekah declared the current color (a creamy ecru) “gross” and so I spend hours on Sherwin-Williams website today putting different colors on the walls. That was fun!  Painting is not going to be.

Of course, once we started looking at our walls online (you upload a pic of your room) with a lovely shade of “Chinese Red” with “Coconut Husk” trim, we realized how crappy the carpet looks.  Phil suggested we put new carpet down.  Which is a great suggestion considering when we got rid of our sofa sleeper last week, we came to find a 4 foot long rust stain where the bar to the sleeper bed sat.  Nice.  Despite numerous cleanings with the Bissel and some other carpet cleaners, it’s not coming up.  At all.  We’ve lived here 13 years and who knows how long the carpet was here before we bought the house.  It’s lived a good life and served us well.

Now I get to pick paint AND carpet colors, and don’t forget we still need a sectional sofa.  This room redo may never end!  Once I started thinking about new carpet my brain automatically jumped to the stairs where the carpet is WAY worse than the basement.  You see where this is going, right?  As long as the carpet guys are here…

This my friends, is the Snowball Effect.

How do you redo?  One little part at a time, or run with it and change everything?


2 thoughts on “The Snowball Effect

  1. Lisa: The same drama played out in the Wall house hold in 2010. BigC moved to the basement (after an extensive remodel) and now all the ladies have their own room. It has helped to promote domestic tranquility. We definately experienced the ‘milk and cereal effect’ (that is where you have too much milk in your cereal so you add cereal then you have too much cereal so you add milk, etc). The remodelling never ends!

  2. LOL! That’s what happened at my house. Except mine was:

    *the dishwasher blew up and ruined the kitchen floor
    *oh, well as long as I have the kitchen floor pulled up, I may as well pull up the hallway and bedroom floor
    *oh, look, the floor in the bathroom is moldy.

    LOL. So I ended up pulling up all the flooring and completely redoing our bedroom. Yeah, I know… backwards.

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