Randomness of Thought

My goal was to post something every day of Spring break week.  So far I’ve done well, but this morning I’ve got nothing important, witty, or otherwise to write about.  My brain is filled with many random thoughts, but nothing cohesive (which would explain why I’ve not been very productive this morning.)  Be prepared to be amazed (or frightened) by my randomness of thought.

  • Yesterday I had allergy testing done.  My WORD, I thought I would die from the itching on my arms! I had 16 pricks in one arm and 24 in the other. The welts from 3 of the tests can still be seen this morning.  My top 3 were #1 dust mites (off the charts for that one) #2 ragweed #3 grass.  Guess I will continue to NEVER have to learn how to mow the lawn 🙂 and from now on while cleaning I need to wear an attractive dust mask.
  • We only got about half of the basement purging of 2011 done.  And if you missed my tweets, well, sometimes it can backfire on you.  My girls went through their 8,000 stuffed animals and were told to keep only a small pile of them.  What they did instead was make 3 piles: keep, give away, and ‘go to mom’s classroom’, which means they are gone, but not really gone.  I thought that last pile was optional, like if I could use them at school, I would, but if not to the Salvation Army they go.  Apparently I was mistaken…very mistaken.  Alisha and Rebekah are still not speaking to me as their beloved Orca and Dolphin (aren’t they the same thing?!?) stuffed animals went in the give away for good pile.  My bad. I apologized and even went back to the Salvation Army to BUY the darn things back, only they’re mixed in with the world’s largest box of scary stuffed animals ever.  In other words, lost forever.  I haven’t told them that yet. They’ll get over it!
  • Tomorrow we go to IKEA, tomorrow we go to IKEA, tomorrow we go to IKEA! (I was totally singing that in my head)  We are completely (and I mean completely) refurnishing the basement with IKEA furniture.  My joy knows no bounds!  In an effort to save us money (which my husband laughs uproariously at) we are going on the day when your food receipt from their cafeteria will be deducted from your $100 or more furniture purchase (trust me, we will be of the more, much more, variety.)   We’ll be eating free at IKEA tomorrow!  Holla!  We love IKEA’s cafeteria.  The food is awesome, so it’s a win-win.  Even better is that I’m going to be working the system.  We’ll go eat lunch, buy half of the furniture we need, then go back and eat dinner and buy the other half 😉  See how much money I’m saving us! (if you listen closely, you can hear my husband laughing.)
  • Marissa needs to get her license.  She turned 16 in September and we haven’t even looked into what’s needed to get her permit. She hasn’t pushed for it, and neither have we.  I like her not driving! Most of the time.  It’s time to let her fly (at the speed limit) from the nest.  She also needs to get a job.  I’m just not feeling ready for this next season.  She’s the most, the MOST, responsible teenager I know.  She’ll do fine.  Man, it’s hard to let your kids grow up.  I’m trying to think of the benefits. Like, “run to the store for some milk”  “your sister needs a ride to orchestra practice”  Yeah, maybe it won’t be so bad!
  • In cleaning out the basement we have some things to get rid of, but we’re just not sure how to get rid of them.  For instance, the thousands of dollars of Disney collectibles we have from when the kids were young and our whole house was done in the theme of Disney.  Most of our collectible stuff is Winnie-the-Pooh.  While it holds sentimental attachment, we’ve outgrown that stage, and the stuff needs to go.  Do I put it on ebay (sounds like a pain in the rear to me), craigslist (still I’d be responsible for making it happen), or just give it away on freecycle (surely we can recoup SOME of the crazy amounts of money we foolishly spent all those years ago when we were young and stupid!)  You see my dilemma? Then there’s my grandmother’s china that I really don’t use.  Too many decisions…my brain is shutting down.

That’s all the random I can share. Another cup of coffee is required for me to go on, and frankly, I’m sure by now your brain hurts simply from that glimpse into mine.

Have you ever sold anything on ebay or craigslist?


One thought on “Randomness of Thought

  1. Lisa, you make even the mundane sound interesting. Have fun at Ikea. I am finding out that when getting rid of things, forget sentiment. Love to all!

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