Vacation All I Ever Wanted

We were all so looking forward to spring break.  Plan A was heading to Minnesota to the mall of America.  We’ve never been there before, and me + a huge mall = really happy shopper. Plan A fell through due to hotel issues and my conscious of responsibility. Plan B was to go to Cincinnati overnight and go to the Creation Museum.  The girls and I liked this plan, but Phil wasn’t very excited.  He likes to go boldly where no Mongold has gone before.  He doesn’t do ‘repeat’ trips, and we went to the Creation museum a few years ago.  Whatever.  After plan B fell through (we didn’t know who we could get to stay with the dog on short notice) we came to plan C.  Responsibility wins again. Curse you conscious!  At least I get a trip to IKEA.

We have some money saved up and rather than spend in on going anywhere, we need to transform our current family room/playroom into a family room (with a couch that your butt doesn’t hit the floor in) and a bedroom for one of our girls.  Sharing a small room is not the end of the world, and it’s in fact been a great experience for my two ‘messies’, but the bigger they get the harder it is.  Moving to a new house is out, so someone is moving to the basement.

Unfortunately our basement holds around 12 years worth of stuff that needs to be gone through.  Toys the girls no longer want, books, books, and more books (which of all the things we have would be the hardest for me to part with) and the computer graveyard. Phil builds and fixes computers…for fun…and so at any given time the downstairs has 3 or 4 computer towers, various monitors, and numerous ‘parts’ spread about.  It’s a mess.  We’ve already taken 2 van loads of stuff to the Salvation Army, and I’m sure we’ll have another by day’s end.  The hard part will be the furniture. We have a sleeper sofa and love seat to get out of there, and the sofa weighs about 2 tons.  Upper body strength is not mine to boast of.  I’m just hoping with the five of us we can manage it without any serious injuries.

Since I’m also a glutton for punishment, today I’m having allergy testing done and in preparation for said tests, I haven’t been allowed to take any medication except for my happy pills (because if I stopped those, well, things could get real ugly.)  Combine that with back-breaking moving of furniture and the stirring up of years of dust…well it’s been interesting to say the least.  Adding to the throbbing headache I have, an unfortunate even has JUST occurred and I am solely being blamed.  Apparently an orca stuffed animal was accidentally put in the ‘give-away’ pile and not the ‘keep’ pile. Someone is yelling, someone is crying, and someones is typing and pretending they are invisible.  I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to who is who.

What did you do for spring break?


2 thoughts on “Vacation All I Ever Wanted

  1. Put the couch and love seat on craigs list. If you are thinking you will give it away anyway you’ll get rid of it and not have to move it yourself. Just put “you can have it if you can get it out of the basement”.

    Beloved stuffed animals are a big deal. Bryan has a stuffed bear my mom, who is deceased, gave him. It goes with us every time we stay the night somewhere, including the cruise! After we stayed at a friends this weekend we realized he left it there. We cannot connect with her until Sunday, so he has to live without “snuggle bear” for a week. Maybe next time he will listen when we tell him “I think you should leave snuggle bear at home”.

  2. Lisa, good luck with your tests and everything else you have going on. Just think in the end it will all be worth it. I definitely can relate as we will be moving as soon as David can find a job. Not looking forward to it. Think I’ll move out until the moving is done!! I wish!!

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