Tiny Talk Tuesday

This Tiny Talk Tuesday is dedicated to “D” who left our class about a month ago. We still miss him and the kids talk about him often.  I also dedicate this post to “A” who keeps me on my toes every day!

The following quotes were made by “D”:

“I have a bad mood today ’cause his hands is orange and not blue.” (talking about a picture of a tiger he colored in morning daycare before school)

“Hey! Guess what? Guess what? I love being upside down.” (D was great for running up to me, making a loud and bold random statement, then running back to what he was doing. Lol. Such was the case this time.)

“I got stumpdin to say to you. If something disappears, it’s magic.” (In the beginning of the year, D was prone to sticky fingers. I lost a lot of marbles and matchbox cars until he understood that taking my things was not a good choice.  What he said here explains a lot.)

“If you eat too much candy it will make you sick like giant, ugly germs!”

“I wish I could be small enough to go in a hamster cage.” (Another one of his very random statements that came out of the blue.)

“A Dit Tee is a short, simple song.” (Again, we were at recess and he ran up, said this to me, and ran away to play. I jokingly called him rain man- and as a side note, what 5 year old knows what a ditty is?!?)

“Guess what?” (most of the things he said were prefaced by guess what) “An art mew-zay-um is where ‘pitchers’ live.  Paintings, something that looks like a statue- ‘scull-ters’, and draw-er-ings” (when I asked him where he learned this, he said, “I just KNOW it.”)

One day the room was actually quiet while the kids were doing their seatwork, and all of the sudden D falls out of his chair for no apparent reason, and yells, “I’m ok!” then gets back in his chair and keeps working.


Now for some great stuff from “A”.  He is full of energy.

“This is my superman and he can glow-up in the dark.” (show and tell)

“She’s a greel like my mom.” (correcting another student who accidentally called a “she” a “he” in conversation)

“Is I’m helping people?” (when he brought cans in for our food drive for the food pantry)

“Let’s do ‘Hall of Creation’ that says, ‘I have to fly up to the sky…oh, oh, ohhh, high.” (we sing Mercy Me’s “All of Creation” for worship pretty often, but it doesn’t have those lyrics. Lol)

‘A’ points to Alaska on our classroom globe and says, “Hakun-batman-tada is here. That’s where the Lion King lives.”

If one child compliments me, they all then try to out-do each other by saying something nice. One day ‘A’ shouts above all the other voices vying for my attention, “I like your HAIR, and your SHIRT, and your FINGERS!”

Enjoy your Tuesday. I’m knee-deep in Spring break, Spring cleaning. Fun, fun, fun.


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