Detox and the Desk Fairy

No, this is not a dark fairy tale.  Just the story of last week.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but it was a rough one and I’m happy to say I made it through alive and better off for it.

For months now, I’ve been having trouble sleeping.  I can fall asleep fine, and even when I wake up 200 times a night, I fall right back to sleep  The problem is the constant waking up.  Then there’s the dreaming.  Crazy dreams.  Let’s just say if you ever need to be rescued, don’t count on me, I’m no good with a gun.  When I wake up in the morning, I remember the dreams too, so combine the constant waking up and  the crazy dreams and I feel like I really didn’t sleep at all. Which is not a good thing when you are “Queen of the NAMPs”.  About 2 months ago I had a cold and realized that if I take a dose of Nyquil I sleep like a rock!  Hi, my name is Lisa, and I’m addicted to Nyquil.

I tried the natural stuff (melatonin), and the 60 beat/minute music.  I tried to make sure I was relaxed before I got in bed.  The problem wasn’t falling asleep though, it was staying asleep, and Nyquil did the trick.  Problem was I could sleep through an h-bomb.  I started having night sweats and then waking up, shall we say ‘less dressed’ than when I went to bed, and having no recollection of removing my socks or sweatshirt (for the record I sleep in about 4 layers of clothing and anyone who knows me well will attest to that fact.)  That scared me into doing some research online about Nyquil abuse.  Not good.  I’m not too proud to admit I need help, so I made an appointment to see the doctor.  In preparation for what I was sure was inevitable, I quit taking the Nyquil.  What entailed was a week of me being tired and forgetting things. A lot.  Like the fact that I’m the desk fairy.

In class I made a big deal about the kids needing to clean their desks so the desk fairy could visit our classroom again.  She hadn’t come in some time due to the crayons, pencils, and snack crumbs piling up in their desks.  My students did a great job cleaning out their desks, so I knew the desk fairy would have to visit our classroom that night. Usually she leaves a piece of candy, like Smartees, but her Smartee supply had run low.  She made a mental note to stop at the store and get something to put in their desks the next morning.  However since the desk fairy had decided to not only go cold turkey on the Nyquil AND start counting calories again (because the desk fairy lives on the edge) she totally forgot to go to the store until she was on her way to work the next morning.  She had to stop at the store (making her late for work) and ended up feeling really badly about giving the students sugar (since you know she and the tooth fairy are tight and all) and so roamed the aisles of the store trying to find something not as bad as candy, but not as expensive as apples.  In the end vanilla wafers in baggies found their way into the desk mere moments before the first student arrived.  She also left a note with directions to look in the fridge for juice pouches.  Forgetful desk fairies end up paying a lot for their forgetfulness and conscious.   Like $10 as compared to a $3 for candy!

The end of this tale is that the doctor said I need to add exercise back into my day (I knew that was coming) but since I’m still having hip problems (no, I’m not 80 years old) I now have to see an orthopedic Dr.  She also recommends that I cut back my caffeine intake.  She might as well have said stop taking air.  It’s not that I drink a lot of caffeine late in the day (I’m done with caffeine by 1:00) it’s just that 44 oz of coffee from the time I wake up until I eat lunch is apparently a lot.  Huh…who knew?  So now, I’m detoxing from calories, caffeine, and Nyquil.  Lord, help all the people who have to be around me.  The good news is I’m officially on Spring break this week (holla!!) so no children (besides my own…and they’re used to my quirks) will be scarred for life by my forgetfulness and possible bouts of crying.

Now to decide on some day trips for Spring break! Ideas???



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