Slammed. That’s the best word I can think of to describe this week. I’m trying to keep my head above water, my ducks in a row, all the plates spinning.  Apparently when tired and overwhelmed I not only consume enough calories to keep an elephant going, I can only speak in cliches. And it’s only Wednesday.

I could whine and cry and tell you what’s going on, but really, I don’t even have the energy for that. However, since I’m trying to ‘work some things out’ and writing is one of my outlets, I suppose I should just let it fly (told you…we could play count the cliches!)  How about this?  In order to force myself to see things a little more clearly and less negatively, for every complaint or stress, I’ll have to say something positive that’s happened this week.  Just so you don’t get the 2 confused, I’ll put a plus in front of the happy things, and a minus in front of the (insert a negative adjective here) ones.

– I’ve not gotten nearly enough sleep this week, and it really is my own fault. I’m currently mad at myself for this, and not speaking to myself. (My husband now lovingly refers to me as the ‘Queen of the NAMPs’)

+ This week I discovered that International Delight has a new limited edition flavored coffee creamer: Almond Joy. Joy indeed!

– Last week the 3rd marking period ended. This week I got 2 (yes, TWO) new students. My class count is now at 17. What’s 2 more kids, right? Well, when combined with everything else going on this week, it’s enough to make me cry at the end of my first day with ALL of them.  They are sweet children, it’s just THIS week.  Any other week, and I would be totally ok with all these changes.

– I have to teach Thursday and Friday morning (17 kids, remember) and then I have parent/teacher conferences (for all 17 kids) the rest of those days.  I love the families I work with, but in this exhausted state…oh mercy…just pray for me!

+ Bekah is loving being part of her high school’s performance of “Phantom of the Opera”. We all went to see it last Friday.  There are 6 performances all together, and it looks like I’ll make it to one more.  At least she didn’t have practice these last 3 days.  I’m pretty sure that would have pushed me over the edge.

– I’m a stress eater.  I hate that about myself. I get stressed, I eat. And I eat a lot.  Not good, friends, not good.

+ Spring like weather was here for a few days last week.

– It’s cold again. And gray. I need sun…and LOTS of it.

I really hate to end on a negative, but I’ve got nothing left. And no one else is going to fill out these report cards and sift through all the evaluations I’ve done.

I lieu of feeling bad for me, leave me the most positive things someone’s said to you lately in the comments. That would make me very happy 🙂



5 thoughts on “Positive/Negative

    • I hope you found something positive at your meeting, Shellie! I had to wait for today to find my happy, but I found it. Still a little spinny-in-the-head from all the changes at work lately, but my outlook was much better today 🙂

  1. My husband and I play on the golf course behind our house each night with our 3 dogs. We throw frisbees and the dogs run. Recently a 12 year old neighbor boy has been joining us. He delights in our dogs and laughs at their antics. Last night he rode his bike up to our back gate as it was getting dark. I asked him where he had been and told him I was sorry he missed doggie play time.
    He got tears in his eyes and told me,” Playing with you and your dogs are the special part of my day”. Needless to say the dogs got to play twice last night. Being what makes someone’s day special ( even though I think the dogs outweigh me) is something to celebrate.

    • That IS an awesome, positive thing, Lisa! Thanks for sharing that with me. I know just sitting with our little shih-tzu (he doesn’t do much playing anymore) always makes me feel better 🙂 It’s sweet that you and your husband can spend time with that boy. You guys are probably making more of an impact in his life, more than you know.

  2. My friend, all I can say is that what seems to be hassling you right now with stress, time management, and anything else seems to be a constant theme through all of our lives. The only good news I can offer is that Jesus STILL loves you, and with that you can do anything He gives you to accomplish. Praying for a better week next week – that’s for sure.

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