Tiny Talk Tuesday

It’s Tuesday. Again. Yeah, I know…it happens every week.  In last week’s post I only made it halfway through my pile of scribbled sticky notes, so not to worry, I have plenty for you today.

Though Toby the Tattle turtle is helping out with the rampant tattles in our classroom, some still slip through. Like these funny ones.

D- “She licked her tongue out at me and said, “You can’t play wiff me.”

B- “I’m being G’s dad, and I’m an old man and old mans need to sit in rocking chairs and he won’t get out!” (on why they were fighting over the rocking chair)

I was correcting some children who were pushing in line, and said, “Stop being silly and fussing about your place in line. We’re all going to the same place at the same time.” A (also known as Jesse) pipes up and says, “Yeah, just like the Israelites.”


Show & Tell can also be a great time to hear some funny things.

S- “When you put it upside right it can spin.”

T- (showing her Cinderella doll and carriage) “Cinderella sleeps under her cage.” (under meaning IN, and cage meaning carriage)

B was showing his car, and the kids asked him to show them how fast it could go.  He told them it goes faster at home not on the carpet. Another student asked why and B said, “It’s got fur. It can’t drive on FUR!” (if you could hear B, he answers in a very intense way…with hand gestures and everything 🙂

B also tells us that everything he brings has a remote control (even if it’s a matchbox car.) Once he told us he needed a new “S-O” battery for his remote. I asked him what an “S-O” battery was. He said, “An S-O battery is a big battery in rectangles for my remote control.”

“A” sometimes forgets to bring something to show us, but then has the chance to tell us something.  He was telling us about a trip he had taken with his family.  “A” told us how we went swimming in a “floating suit and wobble gobbles.” I told him I didn’t know what “wobble gobbles” were.  He very frustratedly said, “You know, wobble gobbles!” I still wasn’t getting it and I asked him to describe them.  He held his hands up to his eyes, “You KNOW, Wobble Gobbles!!” (water goggles)

When a student is done telling us about the thing they’ve brought in for show and tell, the other students get to ask one question about the item.  Last year, the question every time was, “Do you love it SO much?” This year it’s, “Where did you get it?” In an effort to get them to think about asking sentences I told them they can no longer ask that particular question.  So, one day D asked A about her toy drum, “Is it a liquid?” Lol…at least he was thinking!


And some good old random comments:

Overheard in the block center- L- “Are you the first kid in your family?” B- “No,my sister was borned before me.”

B was walking to the puzzle center and tripped over something and fell. (he was ok) T burst out laughing and said, “Falling makes me funny!”

S came in one morning and when I complimented him on smelling so handsome, he said, “I have on perfume. It’s the stinks one.”

D- “Why is you wearing flip-flops, Miss Mongold. It’s fallish outside.”

T told me this on a Monday morning- “We didn’t get to see God yesterday cause we were too late for church.”

“I made a capital ehhhhh.” (the sound of Ee)

“God gave them polka dots.” (discussing the plagues in Egypt)

Talking about what you should do when a bee comes by you, Z said- “I run for my wife!”

T told me- “I’m a princess AND a beauty!” (indeed she is!)

And I’ll leave you with one that I heard just today:

Today our reading book focused on the letter W.  On one page was a picture of a well, and on the other the word “well”.  After I had them all sound out the word for me, I asked what you get from a well.  “Change!” was what one girl shouted out.  Sadly, they all thought you get coins from a well. So, I took a little time to explain what a water well is/was.

Next week will be all about D and A. Trust me, you will laugh!



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