Tiny Talk Tuesday

It’s been entirely too long since one of these!  Not to worry, I’ve got whole pile of sticky notes, 3×5 cards, and scrap papers with stuff my students have said written down on them.  There may even be too many for just one post. We shall see.

To make things a little more fun for me, I’m going to give these funnies to you by who said them. Of course, I can’t use real names, so I’ll just use some made up ones 😉

“Jesse” (of Toy Story fame)  is hilarious. She has the most beautiful smile and dimples.  Here are some of the things she’s said lately.

For show & tell she brought in her Bible.  The other kids get to ask questions about the item their friend is showing them and talking about.  Another student asked her, “Does it fly?” (he brought a flying super-hero action figure) “Jesse” answered, “It doesn’t fly or anything, it just READS.”

The best was her opening statement at show & tell though, “This is my Bible. It tells me so.”

I asked “Jesse” what were some things her Mom liked (we were talking about her Mom’s birthday), and she said, “Corn of a cob…but only in the summer.”

One morning she came in and told me, “Hey, Mrs. Mongold! Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is like a love-a-bye.”

At Thanksgiving (yes, I’ve been saving these scraps of paper since that long ago) “Jesse” came in the day of our party and yelled out, “It’s our thank-you party today!” (and then said, “You should all say ‘Thank You” cause I brought the cups.”) When asked what she was thankful for, she said, “Chocolate bars!” (amen to that!)

In Bible lesson we were learning Numbers 23:19 (God always keeps His promises,) and discussing keeping our promises.  “Jesse” said, “I never lose my promises. I always keep them myself.”


Random things heard:

“My pencil sharped out.”

“X-rays can help see under your body.”

“They’re gonna need a bigger mouth.” (when they saw the Bible card with the giant fruit from Canaan that the spies brought to Moses)

“My shirt’s growing outta me.” (she meant she was getting too big to wear that shirt.)

And my favorite from just last week:

Again we were having show & tell, and one boy was showing a “Humpty Dumpty” book and puzzle he had.  He got shy when I asked if he knew the nursery rhyme, so another student called out, “I know it! Hunky Dunky sat on a wall, Hunky Dunky had a great fall.” (Hunky Dunky is Humpty’s handsome brother I’m guessing.)

I hope you enjoyed those as much I did.  I still have plenty to share with you next week 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  1. One of the funniest things Amanda ever said, and I still use it today: “I want the chicken-on-the-leg” for a simple drumstick!! Oh, and one time we (I) was in a hurry and I said “Come on, Pokey” to which she replied: “Coming, Gumby”!!

    Love thinking back to those times!!

  2. Thanks for letting us enjoy a little bit of your day. I am SO thankful that God NEVER loses his promises! ❤

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