New Stuff

It’s always fun to get new things.  For a long while now I’ve been looking for a coat on clearance to replace my red, wool, car coat, which I still love, but the lining is ripping and it picks up fuzz like crazy.  After looking in every store I frequent I’d given up and was just going to have it cleaned (again) and carry on.  Well…the other night we went to Bass Pro Shop just for fun, and lo and behold, there it was. THE coat.  It’s all kinds of soft and pretty, and ecru (fancy, eh?)  And from Bass Pro Shop?!?  I didn’t expect that.  So here it is.

What do you think? I love it.  I’m just hoping it stays nice like it is now. I mean it is almost white and all.  I’ve already had horrific thoughts of coffee spills or other very staining substances getting on it.  So far I’ve owned black wool and red wool coats and they are ridiculous to keep fuzz-free. I’m hoping this light color is better.

I also got something new from Marissa.  I love the fact that my 16 year old daughter chose to make something for me in her ceramics class at school.  She made it for my desk at school (since our  theme is owls this year.)  The thing weighs about 20 lbs, but I figure that means it won’t be easily knocked off if my students throw things (not that they ever do…uh hum.)

He’s cute, huh?  She put my name on the spine of the book he’s standing on, and his tassle broke off when he was being fired (a ceramic term I assure you…this owl is still employed) but I still love it.  I think she got a 96% on the project and a high B in the class.  Ceramics has been the most challenging class she’s had in high school. It’s just not her thing.

And lastly in the new items, I got this guy for my classroom.  His name is Toby, and he’s a ‘Tattle Turtle’.  You don’t know what a tattle turtle is?  Well, there are 3 types of tattles.  Emergency tattles require a call to 911: there’s a fire or someone is really, really hurt.  There are good tattles: someone is crying and hurt, someone hurt you bad enough to make you cry, or someone is doing something really wrong. Then there are bad tattles. These are when you come tell the teacher someone blinked wrong or wasn’t sitting right in their chair, or other things that really aren’t your business.  Bad tattling has become rampant in my classroom lately, and despite using many methods to try to curb it, it’s still happening.  Toby is always my last resort.  I’d rather the kids learn to use self-control and good judgment when it comes to tattling, however in cases (like today) where I heard, “Mrs. Mongoooooold!”  about 100 times, I get desperate.  Enter Toby the Tattle Turtle.  He listens to children’s bad tattles.  It’s a win-win. I don’t have to listen to the annoying tattles, and the kids get to “tell” someone whatever it is they feel needs to be said.  I’m sure he’ll be very busy over the next week as the kids get used to having him in our classroom, but I hope my ultimate goal is met, and the kids just stop fussing at one another.

So, what’s new with you?


One thought on “New Stuff

  1. Lisa, love you coat. You look great. Love the owl, Marissa. Your tattle turtle is such an awesome idea. I love it! You are so clever. Love you and miss you!

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