Talking with Teens (aka Older Than a Rock Band)

The other day after I picked the girls up from school we were on our way home, this was the conversation overheard in the car. I have to share it, because it still cracks me up.

Marissa: “Have you heard that ‘Shut Up’ song on the radio? They’re playing it all the time now.”

Rebekah: “Yeah, that’s the band that was at the Rock & Worship RoadshowAnthem Lights.”

Marissa: ” I like that song.”

Rebekah: “Yeah. They’re kind of like an old ‘Big Time Rush’.” (click the link for translation…I knew what they meant.)

Marissa and I: (laughs)

Me: “I was impressed that they all sang, not just one lead singer, and that their lyrics were scripturally deep.”

(pause of silence…then conversation continues as if I hadn’t said anything)

Marissa: “How old were they? Like Toby Mac old, or RelientK old?”

Rebekah: “RelientK doesn’t sound old! Anthem Lights is just old.”

Marissa: “Yeah, but how old. As old as Toby Mac?”

Rebekah: “No, more like RelientK, but Anthem Lights doesn’t sound old either.”

Me: “Guys, you know I’m still in the car, right? And I’m older than the guys in Anthem Lights.”


3 thoughts on “Talking with Teens (aka Older Than a Rock Band)

  1. think Anthem Lights. The band members are all in their early twenties, but I don’t know specific ages for two fo them. One said he was 2 in the 80s so that maeks him now turning 23 and one just turned 23 cause he said his birthday just passed

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