Embrace the Funk

I’m full of excuses for why I haven’t updated this blog in sweet forever, many quite legitimate I assure you, but most not.  At the root of it, I didn’t feel I had anything worth sharing.  I was in a funk.  If you know me, you know I cycle through a severe ‘funk’, depression, whatever you want to call it every few months.  This time the difference was I just went with it.  I indulged in too many sweets, too much tv, and lots and lots of sitting on the couch. And you know what, I’m on my way out of it just like every other time before, only this time, instead of mentally beating myself up for not getting off the couch, I just enjoyed it. I embraced the funk!  Strange, yet beautiful.  I figure if God allows me this thorn in my side, I may as well bring Him glory from it and through it.  The sun is shining today, and I’m on my way back, my friends. Life is good.

Other than that little tidbit of life, I have much randomness to share. Bullet point, anyone?

  • My laptop is about 3 years old.  It’s starting to show signs of it’s age. I think laptops age like dogs.  My ‘n’ and ‘e’ keys are completely worn off, and ‘m’ is barely there.  Now the ‘b’ key is sticking and I have to hit it so hard I’m likely to injure my index finger.  For Valentine’s Day I’ve requested the carte blanche to purchase the allusive ‘perfect purse’ I’ve been searching for these past 3 months.  I’m thinking it may have the words C-O-A-C-H attached to it 😉 Although, maybe I should ask for a new laptop.
  • Despite the funk I’ve been in, I managed to keep a pretty good routine of cooking dinner for my family. I hate to cook. Always have. And unless God intervenes, I don’t see that ever changing.  Thanks to this guy I’ve heard about E-mealz and I’ve signed up.  I just printed out our first meal plan this morning. I’ll let you know how it goes. I figure the planning part is the biggest battle.  At $5 a month, to have someone do the thinking for me. Totally worth it!  There are so many meal plans to choose from, that was the hardest decision to make. I had it narrowed down to the ‘Aldi’ plan or the ‘Any Store’ plan.  I went with the latter, because I like options. To go with Aldi is a commitment, and that’s something I run from.
  • I have committed myself to one thing recently. A Bible study at church.  It’s a 7 week book study, and last week was the first session.  I’m not a shy person, but when in the throws on a funk, I find it very hard to step out of myself and do new things.  The ladies were very nice, and I think I’m going to enjoy the book a lot.  There were even two people there that I knew.
  • My last random point I’ll leave you with is the fulfillment of a promise I made way too long ago.  Way back at the beginning of the year, I was all about baked oatmeal. Still am if truth be told. I ate 2 servings this morning! Oh, the goodness.  Many people asked me for the recipe, and even though it’s taken me forever to get to it, here you go. Enjoy!  (Amish Baked Oatmeal) I like to put diced Fuji apples and dried cherries on mine. It’s a bit too sweet for my liking, so I cut the sugar down a little bit, but it is sooooo good.

One thought on “Embrace the Funk

  1. Lisa, loved your blog. Going to try the oatmeal. Let me know how the meal planning is. I may decide to try it. You are sooooo like me when it comes to cooking. Glad you went with the funk. Love ya! Happy Valentines Day!!!

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