Randomly We Roll Along

So many thoughts are floating around my head this morning, and it’s really hard to pin any single one down.  Getting the words out will help, but that’s going to make for a really random post today.  Which I haven’t done in awhile 🙂

  • I had a dream last night that I woke up and went to the kitchen to get my coffee and I looked out the window to see all the snow melted and our dog frolicking in the green grass of our yard. Spring was here! Then I woke up. I’m thinking it’s going to be a very long winter.
  • Yesterday I got my living room back! I couldn’t be happier.  Due to coughs and colds and an effort to not share them, Bekah has been sleeping in the living room for almost a month now.  Even when Alisha was doing better, she continued to sleep on the couch. Which meant not only was my living room cramped with the Christmas tree still up, but all her books and hoodies and electronic devices.  I’d had it. So, yesterday in a never-before-seen fit of OCD I single-handedly put away all the Christmas decorations, moved the living room furniture around, and reclaimed my space! Bekah slept on the air mattress in the basement last night.
  • Someone is permanently moving to the basement. This brings me great joy, because I haven’t redecorated a room in our house in quite some time.  I really don’t count the bathroom.  That was surfacey stuff.  We have a theme in mind for the family room/someone’s new bedroom in the basement.  One of our great loves: music!  I found this and we’re going to work the whole room around it.  I’m excited. Of course, it’ll have to wait until we recover from the season of spending.  Ideally the room will include ALL new furniture and a piano.  I’m probably still dreaming.
  • This week has really taught me some lessons about myself and my ability to roll with the changes that life throws your way.  I think I’ve made progress! (I should be in Philly right now, but I’m still sitting at my kitchen table.)
  • I never shared the amazing picture that this sweet lady took of our family at our photo shoot in the fall. She rocks! All of those smiles are the ‘real’ deal, which is why out of all the great shots Beth got, I chose this pic. It wasn’t the most perfect one (why must I ALWAYS tilt my head in pictures?!?), but it was really us.
  • Today I’m supposed to have coffee with a friend I rarely get to see since she moved farther away. I miss her.  She went from living 5 minutes away to about 30 minutes away. Not a huge difference, yet a HUGE difference.  Can’t wait to see her and her new little baby boy. He’s so sweet!
  • I’m not sure why ‘spring cleaning’ kicks in for me this time of year, but if all the sale ads are any indication, I’m not alone.  Go ahead, take a look.  All the ads are full of rubbermaid bins and organizational things.  Oh, and exercise equipment. Let’s not even go there! I want to run. I NEED to run, but my hip and fear of the pain I might inflict upon myself is too great.
  • I’m not into the whole ‘New Year’s Resolution’ thing.  The friends we always spend New Year’s Eve with have a tradition.  Every year Josh pulls out the journal. We go around the room (usually youngest to oldest) and say what the best and worst thing was about the past year, then we all say what we hope to see happen in the year ahead.  I do like this tradition. It’s kind of a “forgetting what is behind and looking toward what’s ahead”  (Phil. 3:13)  The fun thing is that we’ve been doing this together since 1992. To look back over the years and see the things that have come about is pretty awesome. Marriages, babies, jobs…we are truly blessed!
  • I recently wrote a whole post (in my head) while I was blow drying my hair.  It never got from there to my laptop. Maybe someday soon.  It was titled, “Instant Potatoes aren’t SO bad!”
  • Speaking of titles, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  That’s the hardest part of blogging for me.  As soon as my fingers hit the keyboard, they fly.  Very seldom do I not know what to write.  I have many words in me, people, many words.  But the title? Well, I usually save that for last.  It’s hard.  To sum up the many words with a few.  Not my strong suit.  I could always make a stand of it and say I don’t like to title things (or people), but that wouldn’t be completely honest. Because I do it all the time.
  • If you read any other blogs, most of them are doing a year in review, or a best post of 2010 type of thing. Not me. I end the year with completely random thoughts. Kind of telling I think.
  • My coffee is almost gone, and so is the random.

Have a great Thursday!


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