Two In A Row!

I hope you don’t fall out of your chair, but I’m posting again. Can you believe it? Neither can I. Yesterday AND today. Shocking. I guess I have a lot to say. Most likely it’s the vacation mindset setting in.

Today I got up bright and early to go pick my ‘niece’ up from the airport. She’s not my niece by blood, but in every other way she is.  She’s also 22 which makes me feel ridiculously old! It’s a good thing I had to go get her since it got me up and out of the house at a decent time. We had way too many things to return this year!  Bekah’s Converse didn’t fit. Marissa’s boots didn’t fit.  Alisha’s jeans didn’t fit.  We went to JCPenney’s, Sear’s, Carson’s, and Borders (those are all IN the mall.)  Then we went to Kohl’s, Target, Family Christian Store and TJ Maxx.  I did walk into Old Navy and then right back out.  Don’t get me started on THAT place right now! They have nothing in their stores. So frustrating.  All the returns and exchanges went pretty smoothly except that my kids are my kids.  When the exact  item wasn’t available in the correct size, the next best options was always more money.  Yes, friends, this is ME.  Put 10 purses in front of me and don’t show me the prices or the brands, and I guarantee you I will pick the Dooney &  Bourke as the one I like best.  It’s in my blood. I can’t help it.  I typically don’t indulge my expensive tastes, but there are just some things you don’t do in knock-offs.  Chuck Taylor’s being a prime example.  Air Walks from Payless…umm, not on MY feet.  Go ahead, call me a snob. I’m done with stores for awhile though.

For now it’s time to pack. Heading east…although with the snow that way, south is looking at lot more inviting 😉

What plans do you have for New Year’s Eve?



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