Checked Out

I hope you all had a happy Christmas!  This year was weird and different for me. In very good ways.  There was still the abundance of gifts, the tree, the ‘stuff’ of Christmas, but this year the one thing lacking was the guilt. That made for the sweetest Christmas ever.

The brief twinges of guilt that I did feel, were quickly washed away by remembering how much my Heavenly Father loves me, and that was the end of that.  Why such a feeling of guilt at such a happy time of year?  Guilt because we always (always) overdo it on the gifts.  This year I just didn’t feel bad about it.  We did it because we can. We didn’t go into debt to do it either. We say no to our kids so often throughout the year, and they know at Christmas that they will get many of the things we regularly say “no you don’t really need that” about.  We got them electronics, expensive boots, stuff we would normally never buy.  And some even without coupons (I know. I know!) It’s shocking for me.  Could our money have gone to a much better cause?  Probably. But the issue for me is that this is the first year that I can remember not having that guilt eating at me all through the holidays.  I’m finally free!  Being free not to give has made me free TO give. I’m not sure that anyone but a select few will actually ‘get’ what I’m saying, but that’s the gist of it.  Why this has been a great Christmas.

And just for a second, let me get on my soapbox.  I don’t do this often, because I really don’t take criticism well. I need to address this though. The whole ‘happy holidays’ thing.  Maybe in your little corner of the world, this isn’t even an issue, but in the circles I run in, this is a sticky point for people. Let me say, because this is my blog and I can, get over it people.  There are bigger battles to fight.  And for the record, I say Happy Holidays to people, because it’s a WHOLE season of holidays that starts at Thanksgiving and rolls right up through New Years.  At no other time of the year are there so many holidays widely celebrated by the masses in such a short amount of time.  Weeks from each other. I really think people say this contested phrase to encompass the WHOLE of the season, not to purposely take Christ out of Christmas.  I personally love this time of year. Those few weeks are the happiest of my whole year, and I refuse…do you hear me?…I refuse to get involved in your petty arguments about the injustice of the whole xmas vs. Christmas thing.  The whole Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays thing!  I have better things to do with my time. Like smile and show kindness to the clerk who tells me to have a happy holiday.  To let the lady with 3 little kids who looks harried and hurried go in front of me at the checkout.  To very purposely smile and show kindness to the very, very grumpy person who has to handle all the returns.  Even when I’m just as grumpy and I don’t feel like it.  So there. That’s all I’m going to say on that subject. (stepping down off that soapbox now 😉 Fight amongst yourselves. I’m sitting this one out.

Spending our Christmas in pajamas and breaking tradition and not going to the theater to watch a movie, but instead watching one I got as a gift (Inception…wow…just WOW) was awesome.  Realizing that the ‘prepared’ ham meal I had my husband pick up on Christmas Eve at Meijer actually was not all that prepared and the ham needed to bake for 2 hours prior to being eaten…well, that was not so awesome (it was after 6:00pm when I actually opened the boxed meal.)  But eating pancakes, scrambled eggs, and turkey sausage in our jammies for dinner on Christmas day was actually pretty cool. We drank lots and lots of coffee, and I read.  2 novels in 2 days.  My drug of choice.  I ignored my laptop and my iphone, and only talked to family who called me.  I do kind of feel bad for not calling my other family members and wishing them a Merry Christmas.  I checked out. Quite literally.  Other than playing Uno with the girls, and watching movies with the family, my nose was in a book.  It was wonderful!

Hope your Christmas was as enjoyable!


3 thoughts on “Checked Out

  1. Glad you had the best Christmas ever.

    I agree about the Happy Holidays thing. Pretty silly. Even sillier that I used to work for a company who BOYCOTTED companies until they would make their employees say Merry Christmas.

    You are very silly for apologizing about not being on your technology on CHRISTMAS DAY. You might want to re-think your mindset on that one… 🙂 haha

    And, Amen about Inception. Wow, what a great film. I hope it wins something in February.

  2. Glad you had a great Christmas!! I can understand the whole guilt thing. I have never felt it except when we could not get the kids things because of no money. Just got what we could. Now they say it is not as important because the real reason for Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ. Nice to have grown children who understand situations. You have a great week and a Very Happy New Year!!! Love ya


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